FIFA 23 Cheats

This article is supposed to be used as an educational piece for FIFA players and to raise awareness for problems EA should fix in the future, to guarantee a fair game. Here are FIFA 23 cheats for offline and online modes.

FIFA 23 Cheats
These cheats will be in FIFA 23! | © EarlyGame

EA Sports have not included any classic cheat codes in FIFA, like you might know from other video games. So there's no magical button combination that'll give you unlimited FUT coins, and that's good. However, there are still different methods for players to gain unfair advantages in different game modes. In this article, we'll show you different kinds of cheats that you might already have seen in FIFA.

Offline Cheats

Offline cheats are really not that bad, because you aren't gaining any advantages that destroy the game for others. In most cases, we can actually accept the use of those, because they can actually be funny and even improve the game.

Gameplay Customization

Let's start off with an easy one here. This adjustment will not affect any other players, and you can only use it in the offline game modes in FIFA. There's actually a quick way to improve your team's passing ability, shot accuracy, sprint speed and many more. For this you simply have to go to the game settings in the main menu or if you're already in a match simply press pause and go to the game settings on there. Then you go to either "User gameplay customisation" or to "CPU gameplay customisation".

Once you're there, you can simply tweak the sliders to weaken the CPU, to improve your team's abilities or even both. By the way, if you happen to be a real pro in FIFA and the highest difficulty is still too easy for you, you can improve the CPU even more to make it harder for you to beat them. It's not classic cheating, but we wanted to explain this option to you anyway.

Cheat Engine

Okay, look, this method really is cheating. I mean, it's in the name... The cheat engine is only available for PC players and is mostly used in Career Mode. The cheat engine really dives into the coding of your game and changes some settings. You have countless options, and they can really be fun. You can go from simple alternations like your manager rating, a player's morale, position, or even his potential – to some real game changers. Because you can also move players around different clubs, adjust your budget, add players like Icons or even include new leagues. This again does not affect anyone's game except yours, so if you want to use it, feel free to do so.

Advantage Settings

A way to help you to beat your mate in an offline match... Once you're in the team selection screen, keep an eye in the middle of the screen. You'll see an icon, indicating for you to press R3 on PlayStation, or simply press the RS on Xbox. You'll then be able to change the difficulty level of your friend's teammates. This one is a hard one to do, because your friend will probably notice if he's sitting next to you. So maybe take the chance when he goes to get a drink or something.

Edit Players

This is probably one of the best-known entries in this list. You can change any player's stats in the main menu. You simply go to settings and choose "edit player". The next step is selecting the player you want to edit and then go ahead and change every one of his (or even her) stats, depending on your preference. These changes will only apply to Career Mode (you then have to select "Use Current Squads" when creating a new career), kick-off and tournaments. You could also create new players and add them to career mode with this method.

Online Cheats

These are the ones really affecting other people, hence why we simply can't condone these. All of them are used in FUT, because let's face it: this is probably the only FIFA mode you're really playing, and the reason you clicked on this article in the first place. These cheats give you different unfair advantages over other players, and it's a good thing they'll probably get you banned from playing FUT or even any online FIFA mode.

Buying FUT Coins

There are different ways to buy coins on countless websites, and it's also one of the oldest cheats in FIFA Ultimate Team. Unfortunately, it's very easy for a player to visit a website that sells coins. The most common ways of buying coins are the following:

  • Player Auction:

You offer a player on the transfer market, and the person who sold the coins to you bids an overly high price for your item.

  • Comfort Trade

The most comfortable method for the buyer. You don't have to do anything except giving your credentials to the website you bought the coins from, and they'll do the rest for you.

  • Mule Account:

You get an account with the amount of coins you bought in it. You have to transfer the coins yourself. This way the seller reduces their risk to get banned because it's not them transferring the coins anymore.


There are different kinds of bots you can buy. But usually these bots are used to snipe players on the transfer market below their value. You can enter the amount you'd like to pay for a certain card, and the bot does the rest. Depending on which bot you buy, it can even list the object on the transfer market again. Some bots also mass bid on items, and you hope to get lucky and bid on an item no one else has on their radar. You also try to get a bargain and sell the item on for a lot more. Obviously this isn't allowed by EA and if they notice you can say goodbye to your FUT or you at least lose access to the transfer market, eventually resulting in you not playing FUT anymore.


Have you ever thought, "Why is my opponent leaving the Weekend League match? He could have still beaten me." That's probably because he was either in rage mode and lost the previous matches due to momentum (at least he thinks that) or he used the No-Loss-Glitch. No-Loss-Glitches are in FUT from time to time again, and it's a way for people to quit Weekend League matches without getting a loss on their record. These people would probably leave a game as soon as they see your stacked team, or they go down by 1-0. EA Sports regularly tries to avoid these glitches being applied and also ban people who exploit those from FUT.

Have you ever been cheated on in FIFA? Let us know down below!