Ubisoft Is About To Make Xbox Game Pass Even Better

Xbox Game Pass gets better and better, and now Ubisoft looks set to partner with them. Rumors suggest that Ubisoft+ will be coming to the subscription service, in the same way EA Play currently is.

Ubisoft xbox pass
The Game Pass keeps getting better! | © Ubisoft / Xbox Game Pass

The obvious has happened. After leaving Steam Ubisoft has seen a massive decline in PC sales, and now they've got to get into bed with another giant PC marketplace. Well, maybe marketplace isn't the right word, but at least the Xbox Game Pass might get some users to start playing their games. And it's years ahead of the terribly buggy Ubisoft Connect...

Ubisoft+ To Join Xbox Game Pass

As first reported by Microsoft insider @ALumia_Italia, Ubisoft+ will be coming to Game Pass. This leaker has been focused on sharing future Game Pass additions, and they've been right multiple times in the past.

Here's how they shared the news:

It's not as obvious as just stating the news, but Twitter leakers love to be a little bit cryptic. And when it comes to Game Pass, leaks usually turn out to be correct. They were right about Family Sharing and Death Stranding coming to the Game Pass just this month, for instance.

Although, this won't be free or included in the base price of Game Pass we assume. We expect it to work like EA Play, which is kind of an add-on you can get alongside the Game Pass, for a reduced rate. And then with Ubisoft+ you get access to their games, and further deals on in-game items.

But what do you think about Ubisoft+ coming to Game Pass, will this struggling publisher be able to persuade more customers to subscribe to the service, with games like the Ghost Recon BR, or the weirdly-hard-to-define XDefiant? We're not so sure, but what choice do Ubisoft have left, with declining sales and the threat of hostile takeovers?

And that probably means we're getting this puppy on the Xbox Game Pass!