PlayStation 5: Hands-On Pictures Reveal Details of the DualSense Controller

Ps5 dualsense controller
Image credit: Sony

The next-generation PlayStation 5 console will be released at the end of 2020 with the brand new DualSense controller, which has a number of innovative features. New hands-on images of the gamepad have appeared on the net, revealing some interesting details.

Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are intended to give the DualSense controller on the PlayStation 5 a new gaming experience. Sony has apparently fulfilled one of the biggest wishes of the PlayStation community, as can be seen in the rendered hands-on pictures of the PS5 controller.

DualSense with a Larger Battery

Anyone who has a PlayStation 4 at home knows how quickly the DualShock 4 controller runs out of steam. No wonder, as the current gamepad only has a battery capacity of 800 milliampere hours or 1,000 mAh in the newer model.

Twitter user Galaxyrain666 has leaked some new photos and information about the DualSense controller of the PlayStation 5. According to this Sony has noticeably improved the battery life of the wireless gamepad. The DualSense is said to have a 1,560 mAh battery, which would almost double the runtime.

According to his own statement, the leaker works for a company that offers accessories for console manufacturers such as Sony or Microsoft and therefore already had the pleasure of putting his own hands on the PS5 controller.

Galaxyrain666 is quite enthusiastic about the handling of the DualSense. According to him, the keys offer a more pleasant pressure point than the current DualShock model, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers should be "much more pleasant and comfortable than the Dualshock4 you won't be disappointed. the feedback is magical, the triggers inside mechanical structures seems very complex, i think.", he continues.

The controller, which is powered via a USB-C port, is also supposed to have a quick charge function. However, the leaker could not say how long it would take until the battery was fully recharged. Currently, the statements are still to be treated with caution. However, there's a high chance that Sony will confirm the details in August. After all, according to rumors, the company is planning an extensive State of Play, which will include the release and price of the PlayStation 5, including a complete hardware teardown. We are curious.

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