Insider Leaks PS5 Info: This is the Price of the PlayStation 5

This is how expensive the PlayStation 5 will be
A new leak claims to have revealed the price of the PlayStation 5. (Image credit: Sony)

There are still many questions surrounding the PS5 price. Will the next-gen console be cheaper than expected? An insider dropped some interesting leaks.

Sony has still not officially revealed when the PlayStation 5 will be released and how much the PS5 price will be. But that doesn't matter, because an insider has now taken over with a leak.

PS5 Price: Insider leaks Info

So far Sony has not mentioned anything about the price of the PlayStation 5 and new accessories such as the DualSense controller or Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. There's still plenty of time though as the next-gen console is scheduled for release at the end of the year. Twitter user "IronManPS5" has already leaked some details about the PS5 in the past weeks and many of his statements were confirmed by Sony shortly after. Now the leaker revealed the PS5 price and the cost of all accessories. But be careful: the details should be treated with caution until the official confirmation!

PlayStation 5: Version without a drive for around €400

As we already know, the PS5 comes in two versions. According to IronManPS5, the PlayStation 5 without an optical drive will be released on November 20, 2020 for €399. The version with an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive should be available at the same time for €499. Both consoles have an 825 GB SSD hard disk installed to minimize the loading times of games.

According to IronManPS5, the innovative DualSense controller of the PlayStation 5 costs 59.99 and thus turns out to be about as expensive as the DualShock 4 counterpart of the PS4.

Furthermore, there should be a charging station with which two gamepads can be supplied at the same time. The price for this should be 29.99.

The PS5 HD Camera is equipped with two 1080p lenses and is therefore perfectly equipped for smooth Full HD live streams. Its price is €59.99, while the Media Remote remote control costs 29.99. There will also be a vertical stand to ensure that the PlayStation 5 is held securely. Price: €19.99.

More exciting is the PULSE 3D-Wireless Headset, which is completely tailored to the 3D audio functionality of the PlayStation 5 and wants to provide an even more intense gaming experience. According to the leak, a high-quality gaming headset costs €179.99.

So far, there is no official confirmation from Sony regarding the actual prices, so the information should be treated with caution. What do you think: is the PS5 price realistic?

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