What Is The Jackal Hitbox In Rocket League?

With the Jackal launching its way into the Rocket League Item Shop, everyone is asking one question: what's the Hitbox?

jackal rocket league
What's this sexy-beast's Hitbox? | © Psyonix

Bursting its way onto the Rocket League scene in recent years, the Jackal is a pretty popular li'l four-wheel-drive. In the end, this bad-boy is a simple little boy, with a nice paint job, a couple of cheeky headlights and a boost more powerful than your lactose intolerant grandfather's wind after a nice warm mug of baked beans (with extra cheese). It's a car, it's expensive, and it's exactly the same as all the other ones. What's the hitbox? Oh, for goodness’s sake, alright, we'll get into it.

I mean, guys, it's in the Rocket League Item Shop for a whopping 800 RL Credits. That's eight forking dollars that you could have spend on, you know, something worthwhile? I digress. If you really are the type to consider buying such a piece of crap then, well, there's not much I can do except let you know which hitbox the darn thing has, take a deep sign, and get on with my life. I'm about to do just that.

What Hitbox is the Jackal in Rocket League?

The Jackal car body features an Octane Hitbox in Rocket League, giving it the maneuverability and stability that it needs to achieve big things on the car-football pitch. It's soccer, after all, so you want to be quick, you want a good turning circle, you want a nice and easy-to-see and utilize hitbox that provides you all sorts of opportunities to be one successful son-of-a-gun.

For a full Octane Hitbox breakdown, check out our guide:

The Octane Hitbox was assigned to the Jackal via the official list of Rocket League Car Hitboxes, where you can find every single car that's available and the hitboxes that they feature. That's boring as fork, though. Well, this whole article is, let's be real. You want to know what effect this is going to have, don't you? Well, here's a little tip: read the article we just told you to read. Yep! As simple as that.

If you can't be bothered, though, here's the gossip: The Octane is a classic hitbox and the highest in Rocket League. It has some of the best ball control features in the game, with a pretty standard and middle-of-the-road turning circle. It's zippy and fast, extremely reliable, and incredibly fun to play. It's the standard car, guys, what else is there to tell you? Well, we do have an article on the best Jackal Designs, so you can take a look at that too if you'd like. Enjoy, I guess?