Rocket League Nexus Hitbox: Season 5 Vehicle & Details

Enter Season 5 with Rocket League's brand new Battle Car, dubbed the "Nexus". What is the Nexus hitbox, and what else is there to know?

Rocket league nexus hitbox
What hitbox is featured in Rocket League's new Nexus vehicle? | © Psyonix (screenshot taken from the RL Season 5 trailer)

Rocket League's new Season 5 Rocket Pass features a pretty fantastic new vehicle: the Nexus. This is possibly the only cool thing to come out of Rocket League Season 5, with many complaining about the utter lack of originality. Now, that's just Rocket League in general nowadays, so we don't really see it as the most valid of arguments, but we're here to talk about the Nexus, so let's swiftly move on.

Season 5 features an intergalactic theme, with our beloved Battle Cars shooting into space to engage in tough games within the brand new Starbase Arc arena. The brand new CGI trailer may have been just as bizarre and boring as expected, but did reveal this season's new Battle Car: the Nexus. Fitting name, right, but what is its hitbox?

In Rocket League, Psyonix have decided to, instead of engaging in complicated balancing, simply base all of their vehicles on one of only six hitboxes that are available within the game. Now, even these hitboxes have very little difference between them, meaning that when we say that there's a "new Battle Car" what we really mean is "there's another Battle Car that is exactly the same as all of the others, but looks slightly different".

Now, when it comes to looks, the Nexus is very standard. There really is very little to say here to be honest. It's blue, it's shiny, it has no special abilities (I mean, it's Rocket League so that much is obvious), and it has jet-black windows. Now, let's be real, is there anything to really say other than this? We're about to get into the Hitbox, but that's no big deal either. Here's what's also coming in Season 5, in case something (bizarrely) takes your fancy:

What is the Nexus Hitbox in Rocket League?

The Nexus features a Plank Hitbox, making it marginally better at hitting the ball whilst in the air. This is due to its short length (the Plank Hitbox is actually the shortest in the game) but large width, which means that it has a bigger surface area and is ideal for hitting and controlling the ball.

Now, look, we don't have a guide on the Plank Hitbox yet, so we'll set it out roughly here: the Plank Hitbox is absolutely loved by freestyle players. It is short, squat, and flat, and thus is ideal for all sorts of aerial manoeuvres. Due to this manoeuvrability, it is absolutely perfect for all sorts of last-second goals saves. Look, it's no Octane and it's no Dominus, but it is certainly one of the better hitboxes featured in Rocket League.

So, is there really anything else to say about the Nexus in Rocket League Season 5? No, not really to be honest. As we said before: it's a shiny blue car with very little style and very little going for it. The only thing we would say for certain is this: at least it isn't as bum-fork ugly as the Outlaw from Season 4. That thing was a travesty. Truly. An utter travesty.