NFL Star Joins Rocket League Esport Team

Crazy transfer news in the world of Rocket League esport: NFL-Star Boston Scott joins the RL roster of Dignitas!

NFL Star Joins Rocket League Esport Team
Boston Scott is the first NFL player becoming an Esport-pro! | © Dignitas

Crazy scenes happening in Rocket League esport. Dignitas, one of the best organizations in competitive RL, just announced the signing of a new player. And it's not just any player. No, this is a historic moment: NFL-Star Boston Scott, who currently plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, is joining the Dignitas Rocket League team! What? Crazy, innit. It's getting even wilder – Scott is the first player ever, in the history of humanity, who will be a pro in the NFL AND Rocket League esport at the same time. Insane!

NFL-Star Joins Boston Scott Joins Rocket League Esport Team Dignitas

Originally, this was announced during a basketball match (I know, different sport, but Rocket League got that covered as well), more concretely, during a match of the Philadelphia 76ers. The 'sixers', as cool people like me call them, have the same owners as Dignitas, so that makes sense, doesn't it?

The cool folks over at Dignitas confirmed this on Twitter, along with an admittedly funny little announcement video. In it, Scott is labelled as a lazy slacker because he was too busy with his "other org". Pretty good stuff. And considering how big of a deal this is, it is no surprise that they are putting on such a big show. I mean, this is freaking cool, isn't it?

Is Boston Scott Actually Going To Play For Dignitas?

Yes... kind of. He is supposed to be a substitute player for Dignitas. Considering that they are playing in Europe, and he is in Philadelphia, I'm not quite sure how that is going to work, but of course, that's not the most important bit. You saw how big this announcement was, it is clearly a publicity stunt first and foremost. An important detail here is that Scott is going to be a "Dignitas Content Creator", so that makes it pretty clear that this is mostly for the clicks. But hey, we ain't got nothing 'gainst that!

Also, we need to make something clear: we're not saying that Boston Scott can't compete in Rocket League. The running back is actually extremely good in Rocket League and even managed to get the Grand Champion rank. You know what that means, right? He is in the top 0.58% of players in Rocket League. That's actually insanely good. I wonder if he is a match to our previous Rocket League Player of the Month, though...