RLCS World Championship 2023: Schedule, Format, Live-Streams & More

With the RLCS World Championship returning in August, the biggest Rocket League tournament of the year is upon us. In our article, you'll get all important info ahead of time, like when the WC is going to start, which format will be used and where to watch the streams live.

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All there is to know about the RLCS World Championship 2023... in one article! | © Psyonix

The highlight of every Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) is always the World Championship at the end of the season. The biggest tournament will once again take place in August this year, where the best teams from all over the world will compete for a prize pool of several million dollars.

There are still a few months until the World Cup and the individual teams have to qualify first. However, we're already providing you with the most important information... Simply because this is a hype event and you can never start soon enough. We'll keep this article up to date for the next months.

Current RLCS World Championship Schedule: Starting Time & Grand Finale

As we already mentioned, the RLCS World Championship is held in August every year – and this will also be the case for the 2022-23 season. This time, the best Rocket League teams will battle it out between August 3rd and 13th, with a small break in the middle.

The venue is Germany, more precisely the PSD BANK DOME in Düsseldorf. If you're European, and you've always wanted to watch a major Rocket League tournament live, this might be the best chance you'll get.

Rocket League WC Format: Wild Card & Main Event

The RLCS World Championship will officially be divided in a wild card and a main event phase, which is exactly how they did it last year as well.

The tournament starts with the Wild Card, which will last from August 3 to 6. Teams that didn't qualify directly for the Main Event during the season get a second chance here. If you perform well, you can continue. If you play badly, you have to go home after only three days.

After a two-day break, the Main Event will continue on August 8. The teams will meet in a group stage first, before the best performing squads will go on into the playoffs. The grand finale between the top two teams will finally take place on August 13, with the winner receiving $600,000.

Each round features BO7 matches, meaning you'll need to set aside a few hours each day to watch the live streams...

RLCS Live-Streams On YouTube And Twitch

Of course, the biggest Rocket League event of the year will also be broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch. If you don't get tickets for the arena and still want to see the jam-packed action live, you should check out the following channels on the days mentioned above:

At least that's exactly where each tournament day was broadcast last year. Anyways, it's always a good idea to follow the official RL_Esports channel on Twitter; there you will get all the news first hand. Until the start of the World Cup you can already pimp your car with some RLCS 2022-23 decals and show which team you're rooting for during the WC.

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