Rocket League To Celebrate Super Bowl 2022 With Fan Pass & LTMs

The Super Bowl is coming up, and Rocket League is introducing a huge selection of content to celebrate.

rocket league super bowl 2022
It's time to celebrate the Super Bowl... in Rocket League? | © Psyonix

Is your body ready for your next dose of intense American Imperialism? Are you ready to enjoy a sport that is so idiotic that men have to get dressed up in full-on freakin' armor just to compete? Are you ready to continue with Rocket League's tradition of honoring American traditions and basically nothing else? Cool, well then you'll be pleased to know that Rocket League is – obviously – celebrating the Super Bowl.

Now, yes, we already have a detailed article on the NFL Fan Pass 2021, and we have explained in great depth the reasoning behind Gridiron, how it works, and why it is fun in Rocket League, but do you know what we haven't done? Talked about them again and again and again and again. You see, that's what the blokes over at Psyonix want us to do, thinking: hey, we're an American company, we should celebrate American stuff! Well, guys, I am sorry: a tiny bundle for Black History Month and an even tinier bundle for Lunar New Year ain't going to cut the multicultural mustard!

So here we are: the NFL Fan Pass is back and is breaking out in a sweat once again, the Gridiron LTM is returning, and of course, the Gridiron Games are making a comeback. Real exciting, isn't it? Totally not as creatively bankrupt as it sounds. Just remember, though, that if you really want to, you can spend absurd amounts of money on all of this! Exciting! This news truly is making us as moist as a metaphysical oyster. For goodness’s sake, here are the bloody details…

What Is Coming To Rocket League This Super Bowl Season?

Us Rocket League fans are being greeted with the NFL Fan Pass, including a bunch of new items, the return of the Gridiron LTM, and the Gridiron Games. We have covered all of these elements in separate articles, to be honest, so let's keep this quick (so that we can, perhaps, move on to greener pastures).

What's Going On With The NFL Fan Pass?

We are receiving new Breakout and Fennec Animated Decals, plus some new Team Helmet toppers to celebrate the Super Bowl. This will be on top of the content that was already included in the original NFL Fan Pass in 2021. Thus, you will now be able to access not just the items described above, but Dominus and Octane Decals for all 32 teams, the Pigskin Paint Finish, and the complete Team Player Banner and Team Antenna collection. It's quite a lot, especially for the 1000 RL Credit price tag.

The Gridiron LTM Is Returning!

Gridiron is returning to Rocket League in this limited time mode, complete with challenges and rewards. In Gridiron, the ball will attach to the top of your car when you touch it, and you will effectively be playing a game of American Football. It's fine, to be honest, but nothing special. We broke it down in great detail for you in a previous article, offering tips, tricks, and more. This time around, you will also be able to gain XP by completing challenges that will also unlock the NFL Wheels and Field General Player Title. Enjoy!

What's The Deal With The Gridiron Games?

The Gridiron Games are returning in a big new Twitch Event that will feature the likes of Roll Dizz and Virge as hosts. Four teams of four players will compete in four different quarters to determine an ultimate champion. To check it out, jump on the Twitch Stream via this link (dates and times below). The competitor list is as follows:

  • Hosts: Roll Dizz, & Virge
  • Team 1: AlphaKep, CorruptedG, Neato, & Fire
  • Team 2: Atomic, Satthew, Striped, & Mr-Napkin
  • Team 3: AyyJayy, Allushin, bells, & CBell
  • Team 4: dreaz, Fakey, Torment, & Wayton

What Is The Release Date For The Gridiron LTM, Gridiron Games & NFL Fan Pass?

As revealed in Psyonix's official press release, both the NFL Fan Pass and the Gridiron LTM will be available from Wednesday, February 9 to February 15. The Gridiron Games are taking place on Thursday, February 10 at 10AM PT (6PM UTC). So tune in, folks, the Gridiron Games could be cool, the NFL Fan Pass is pretty solid – especially for only 1000 RL Credits! — and the Gridiron LTM is an absolute classic. We have complained a lot, and will continue to do so, but it doesn't look as bad as it did when we started writing this article. Cheerio!