Future Content Coming in Rocket League Update 2.11: Patch Notes & Details

Change is coming, as Psyonix introduces future content in Rocket League Update V2.11.
Rocket league update 2 11
What's coming to Rocket League in Update 2.11? | © Psyonix

In a cryptic tweet, followed by an update that launched onto our devices last night, we have been promised new Rocket League content very soon. Now, whilst Psyonix have remained tight-lipped about what this content could possibly be, we certainly expect that some of it will relate to the upcoming Super Bowl, the Neon Nights Event, possibly the Lunar New year and – quite possibly – Rocket League Season 6!

This could explain why Psyonix have refused to give us much information as per what is included in this week's update. The Season 5 Rocket Pass will expire before too long, and when that happens, Season 6 will be only hours away. They don't generally reveal much about each new Rocket League Season until mere days before it launches, but there is often a lot of back-of-house stuff that needs to be done, via updates, before a new season can launch.

Whether or not Rocket League Update 2.11 is a preparation patch for Season 6 is entirely unknown. We expect that this may have something to do with it, but we also expect that more bundles, events, and content will be dropping over the next couple of weeks. It's actually interesting to say this, as 2022 has already seen a plethora of events, and has already been a big improvement after a rather disappointing 2021. That also goes for the RLCS 2021-22, which is absolutely on fire at the moment!

Rocket League Update 2.11 Release Date & Details

Rocket League Update 2.11 was released on February 8 at 4PM PST / 12AM UTC (on February 9). It was launched for all platforms, so that includes PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. We can't expect much, to be honest. You will see in the next section that there is very little known about this update and it is quite small in size.

What's in the Rocket League Update 2.11 Patch Notes?

Interestingly, Psyonix have not released any Patch Notes for Rocket League Update 2.11. In a cryptic Tweet, Rocket League Status informed us that "We have an update coming to @RocketLeague on all platforms Tomorrow, February 8 at 4PM PST (12am UTC on February 9)". They then followed this up with the information that "v2.11 prepares Rocket League for future content releases, and no Patch Notes will be posted".

So there's the crux of it: we're never going to get Patch Notes for Rocket League Update 2.11. Instead, it's going to be the job of those pesky dataminers to jump into the code and figure out what they changed and added in the patch. It won't be long, to be honest, and we're pretty sure that there are a ton of people working on just that right now. In the meantime, make sure to relax, eat a pizza, and wait for our update.