The EA Play Live recap

Ea play live fifa 21
At the EA Play Live we found new info about FIFA 21, Apex Legends and Need for Speed

In the night before Friday Electronic Arts held the EA Play Live 2020. During the live stream, several announcements about new games were made, including Madden 21, FIFA 21, and Skate Evolution. We also got the first gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons. Here's our overview.

Within the EA Play Live-Stream, Electronic Arts presented some new games and published gameplay and other information about current games. We provide an overview of the new releases.

Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch & Steam

The free Battle Royale shooter Apex Legends is getting a release for Nintendo Switch. Developer Respawn Entertainment has announced the implementation for the fall of 2020. Furthermore, there will finally be cross-play between all platforms by the same time. The PC version will also finally be released on Steam. This confirms three of the rumors from the run-up to EA Play Live.

Apex Legends Season 5 with a new event

Electronic Arts also commented on the upcoming Season 5 of Apex Legends and announced the new event called "Lost Treasure Collection". This includes a limited-time mode and other new content. The event will kick off on June 23, 2020.

  • This is what the Lost Treasure Collection event offers:
  • Limited time mode - Armed and dangerous (Developed)
  • Brand new town takeover - Cryptos card room
  • Exclusive event prize tracker with two legendary weapon skins
  • 24 event-limited premium cosmetic items available directly or via Lost Treasures Event Packs
  • Introduction of a new special offers page with brand new rare skins and talismans
  • Mirage Heirloom Set Preview - Unlock all 24 Lost Treasures Cosmetic Items and the Mirage Heirloom for free during the event

More information about Apex Legends Season 5 can be found on the homepage of Electronic Arts.

It Takes Two: New co-op game from the A Way Out makers

With A Way Out the Hazelight Studios landed an absolute co-op hit, at EA Play Live the studio announced their new project - It Takes Two. In it, the co-operative multiplayer is once again at the center of the gaming experience.

It Takes Two lets you play as the parents of little Rose, who are transformed into two puppets and have to work together to regain their human bodies. It Takes Two will be released in 2021.

Lost in Random: fairytale adventure revealed

After titles like Fe and Flipping Death Zoink announced their next game - Lost in Random. In this game, you take on the role of the girl Even, who has to break a curse in the kingdom of Random together with a running dice named Dicey.

Random - the name says it all because everything in the game world can change at any time. Also scheduled for 2021.

Rocket Arena: crazy arena shooter

Rocket Arena turns out to be a funny arena shooter with brightly colored comic graphics. Two teams of three players each compete with rockets in rapid duels. Each of the customizable characters has their own unique weapon.

The target? To send opponents into the afterlife as effectively as possible with the explosive weapons. Rocket Arena will be released on July 14, 2020, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Is there a real multiplayer firecracker waiting for us here?

First gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons

The space action game Star Wars: Squadrons was unveiled by EA shortly before the event. During the EA Play Live, however, the first gameplay trailer was shown, which whets the appetite for more with its impressive graphics.

In the single-player campaign, you slip into the skin of a pilot on the side of the Empire (Case Kassandora) and the rebels (Rao Highmoon) to complete varied missions. The cockpits and load-outs of spaceships like X-Wings or Tie-Fighters can be adjusted.

Skate Evolution: Skate 4 announced

A little surprise was waiting at the end of EA Play Live. With Skate Evolution the legendary skateboard series finally returns after a break of more than ten years. Electronic Arts have not yet revealed when, where, and what awaits us in the game.

But hey, in addition to the Tony Hawks Pro Skater remake, Skate 4 will also be able to be re-created in the future. Good times for fans of fun sports games.

Madden 21 and FIFA 21 unveiled

Unsurprisingly EA also unveiled the annual update of the Madden and FIFA series. Madden 21 and FIFA 21 run on an improved version of the Frostbite engine and will also be released for the next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Gameplay details? Nothing. We will have to wait until August for that.

Short teasers about Need for Speed, Battlefield, and BioWare

At the end of EA Play Live, Electronic Arts teased a few more games for the next-gen consoles, but the big surprises (namely a new Mass Effect or Dragon Age 4) remained. There was nothing among the teasers that wasn't already known in advance:

  • The new Need for Speed is developed by Criterion Games
  • DICE is working on a new Battlefield
  • BioWare is also working on a new game

Here too, tangible information is in short supply. But the first graphic snippets already look amazingly good.

So that was the EA Play Live 2020 and you can read more about the world of gaming and esports at EarlyGame. We reveal why the PlayStation 5 console is so big and some of the best memes surrounding the next-gen consoles.