Best Valorant Teams Per Region (VCT 2021)

Alright, there's only one VCT Circuit tournament left, and that's the Champions. There can only be one world title winner, so let's see who did the best at this year's majors and which teams we can expect to stand out at the tournament.

Sentinels Valo TY
These guys are just built different | © Riot Games

It has been an exciting year for Valorant esports, and this is only its first official competitive season. Before the VCT Circuit started, we had an entirely different idea about who the best players were; but now, as the skills of all popular teams got tested, we have an established competitive scene. We've also got to know many new faces (like Nivera or Yay) that we hadn't heard much about before, but now, we will be watching them compete for a World Champion title. Alright, but which Valorant teams are really "built differently"? We have analyzed all the scores from the VCT 2021 Masters majors to see who is the true king of their region and on whom you might want to place your bets during Champions or other future tournaments.

Best NA Valorant Team: Sentinels

Sentinels Calorant Champions
Sentinels qualified for all Masters events and finished the season with a 84.62% winrate! | © VCT

Okay, let's start with the most obvious one, Sentinels. Those guys are already on another level — Sentinels qualified for all VCT Masters events and won two of those! And they didn't really have an easy road, mainly due to the suspension of Sinatraa and the need to add two new players to the team (dapr and TenZ). They didn't even have a coach at that time, yet that didn't stop them from winning more and more titles. Undoubtedly, the most consistent team in the entire Valorant scene, and probably the biggest favorite to win the world title.

  • Players: dapr, TenZ, ShaZam, SicK, zombs
  • Map Winrate: 22-5 (81.48%)
  • Best Map: Haven (9-0)
  • Worst Map: Split (3-3)
  • Total Match Winrate: 11-2 (84.62%)

Best EMEA Valorant Team: Gambit Esports

Gambit 1024x820
CIS Masters 1 & Masters Berlin winners! | © VCT

Okay, this region is much more stacked than NA, but still, the results speak for themselves — the best Valorant team in EMEA is Gambit Esports. Just like Sentinels, they won two majors where they dominated teams like forZe and Envy. Gambit Esports also boasts players like Chronicle, who might be the best Sova in the entire Valorant esports scene right now.

  • Players: Chronicle, d3ffo, Sheydos, nAts, Redgar
  • Map Winrate: 17-3 (85%)
  • Best Map: Bind (5-0)
  • Worst Map: Split (2-2)
  • Total Match Winrate: 9-1 (90%)

Best South America Valorant Team: KRÜ Esports

495 VCT Points in LATAM - that's insane! | © VCT

KRÜ Esports is the only team from the South America Region that managed to qualify for all 3 Masters tournaments. If you look at LATAM Standings, they scored a whopping 495 VCT points, which was 295 points higher than Six Karma, the winner of LAN Masters 1.

LATAM Standings
VCT LATAM Standings | © Liquipedia

These gentlemen really know how to play Valorant at the highest level. Want to find out? Just check out one of our "200 IQ Pro Play Analysis" videos where we highlighted Delz1k's play from Masters Berlin.

  • Players: Klaus, Mazino, NagZ, delz1k, keznit
  • Map Winrate: 10-9
  • Best Map: Bind (3-0)
  • Worst Map: Split (1-3)
  • Total Match Winrate: 5-5 (50%)

Best APAC Valorant Team: Vision Strikers

Vision Strikers VALOX
They can make a 104-0 record on the APAC scene, but how will they do at Champions? | © VCT

The APAC region has a fairly developed Valorant scene, although you don't hear about it as much in Europe and the US. However, any Valorant esports enthusiast knows who the Vision Strikers are and that they're not to be underestimated. Honestly, they can go really far in Champions and maybe even win the title. Vision Strikers are known for their 104-0 record on the APAC scene (they were stopped by F4Q, another decent Korean team).

  • Players: stax, Rb, k1ng, BuZz, MaKo
  • Map Winrate: 14-5
  • Best Map: Icebox (4-1)
  • Worst Map: Bind (0-2)
  • Total Match Winrate: 7-1 (87.5%)