Valorant Champions 2022: Teams, Streams, Prize Pool & More

The second Valorant World Championship tournament is around the corner, and here's all the essential information about it!

Champions Valorant
Will EMEA dominate once again? | © Riot Games

Valorant's second competitive season will culminate in less than two months – we only have one more major tournament and Last Chance Qualifier left. And even if you are somehow not very into Valorant, this event will be a great spectacle and an important event in the history of eSports which is why you might want to watch it. So, here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Valorant Champions 2022 tournament!

Valorant Champions 2022: Dates & Location

The second Valorant World Championship will be held in Istanbul, Turkey. We don't know the official venue yet, but from what leaks say, Riot really wants this tournament to have real audience (maybe that's also why they're doing it so early to avoid potential lockdowns) so you should expect it to be in some big arena.

The entire event will begin on September 2 and last until September 18

Valorant Champions 2022: Qualified Teams

At the Champions 2022 tournament there will be as many as 16 teams. However, so far, only 6 organizations have secured a slot for the tournament:

OpTic GamingNorth America
XSETNorth America
Paper RexAPAC
TBDNorth America

Latin America



TBDSouth Asia
TBDSouth Asia
TBDEast Asia

More teams will be announced after VCT Masters: Copenhagen, and the rest after Last Chance Qualifiers. If you want to know when these tournaments will take place, be sure to check out the entire VCT Schedule for the rest of this year: VCT 2022 Schedule: All Tournament Dates & Team Standings

Valorant Champions 2022: Where To Watch

Like all official tournaments in the Valorant Championship Tour series, Champions 2022 will be broadcast on the official Valorant channel on Twitch:

Just like last year, there will also likely be a lot of watch parties with the cast from professional players, and we will let you know about them closer to the event date.

Valorant Champions 2022: Prize Pool

As of yet, we do not know the official prize pool of Valorant Champions 2022. However, last year's prize pool was $1,000,000 USD, and we do not expect this number to be less than this.

Valorant Champions 2022: Leaks & Announcements

Champions 2022 is not only a top-level eSports tournament but also an event that will likely bring a lot of news in terms of in-game content. Here are some of them:

Champions 2022 Skin Bundle

Vandal champions 2022
Will Riot manage to make a better weapon skin than this? | © Riot Games

Last year we got a skin bundle with one of the best Vandal skins in the game and a pretty interesting Karambit... and what about this year? Well, so far, there are no concrete leaks regarding the Champions 2022 skin bundle, but we would expect to get one with a fancy Melee and a primary rifle skin, but maybe Phantom instead of Vandal this time?

In-Game Tournament Mode Announcement

Riot plans to completely revamp the competitive system in Valorant to help smaller teams and lesser-known players show up at official eSports events. This could be done by using the tournament mode mentioned in our article full of leaks for the upcoming weeks in Valorant: New Skin Lines & Valorant Tournament Mode Leaked

And when is a better time to announce the tournament mode for the next Competitive season than at the World Championships, which excite aspiring players to grind for the biggest tournaments and places in the rankings? This is also the big one, and we believe Riot will want to fine-tune the mode a bit more, which is why we expect it at Champions rather than the next VCT Masters.

New Agent & Battle Pass

Okay, we have fancy skins and game mode; what else are we missing to be completely satisfied? Well, a new Agent, of course, and it just so happens that data miners have recently discovered its codename – Mage. You can read a little more about it in this article: New Valorant Agent Mage Leaked

And maybe Riot will be generous enough to give crowd the opportunity to play the new Agent during the Champions tournament? One way or another, we'll probably get a ton of announcements for Episode 5 Act 3, which would also involve a new Battle Pass.

Are you excited for the upcoming Valorant 2022 World Championships? Join our Discord and let us know what are your expectations for this tournament!