Valorant Counter Strafe: Complete Guide

An essential mechanic in Riot Games' tactical shooter Valorant is counter strafing. Next up you'll learn everything you need to know about counter strafing in Valorant!
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Guide to counter strafing in Valorant! | © Riot Games, EarlyGame

Strafing in gaming language means moving sideways. So counter strafing means moving the opposite sideway. And the mechanic of counter strafing is apparent in competitive shooters such as CS:GO and Valorant. The mechanic differs in both ways, but here we'll take a look at how you can counter strafe in Valorant!

How Do You Counter Strafe In Valorant?

To counter strafe in Valorant, you'll have to move sideways and press the opposite key instantly. This will make your first bullets really precise because if you don't counter strafe and only lift your finger off the "A" or "D" key, you will still be in movement hence your first bullets won't be precise. For example, if you're counter strafing with your Vandal to an opening on your left, you'll press your "A" key, once you peak press the "D" key instantly, shoot and hide to cover.

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Quick guide to counter strafing in Valorant! | © Riot Games, EarlyGame

The same applies to each angle you hold. Even if you move to the right with "D", just cancel out the movement with "A", shoot, then hide. But counter strafing won't make you an instant beast in-game, so you should definitely first practice aiming, then jump into counter strafing. Here's TenZ explaining Valorant counter strafing:

If you think you're an expert in holding angles with counter strafing now, you're wrong. Before you jump into a match, make sure to enter the Practice Range and get a hold of counter strafing, be it with a Vandal or Phantom. Move left to right, cancel the movement, and shoot. In-game, you should make a habit of peaking first, then counter strafing. It gives you the advantage of knowing the enemy's position You should also try moving sideways and stopping without countering to see the difference. Practice makes you better. But this mechanic has left some players wondering:

Does Counter Strafing In Valorant Make Any Difference?

Without a doubt, counter strafing has been met with its fair share of criticism. Some players have found themselves having a hard time learning counter strafing, which resulted in some people thinking counter strafing isn't important. The real answer is counter strafing makes difference depending on the player. Some players think counter strafing and pros' crosshairs result in top frag every round, but this mechanic is only used in certain situations. That's why you should use your brain and make yourself the call if an angle is worth the counter strafe.

Counter strafing has been recognized by beginners and pros alike. Learning and mastering it is key to climbing ranks. So what are you waiting for? Go start training and climb out of Bronze!