Valorant Tournament Premier Mode: Release Date & More

Valorant's Premier tournament mode is coming where you can compete with your friends! So let's check out everything you need to know about the Valorant Premier mode.

Valorant Premier Tournament Mode
Let's compete together in the Valorant Premier Tournament mode! | © Riot Games

We've known that a Valorant tournament mode has been in the making. Now we've got an official confirmation from Riot Games that the tournament gameplay style will be coming as the Valorant Premier mode! So let's see everything you need to know about the Tournament Premier mode coming in Valorant.

Valorant Tournament Premier Mode Explained

The Valorant Premier mode is a tournament-like gameplay mode where you'll gather a team of 5 which then will be placed in a division. Afterward, the team will compete in that division of teams throughout a season full of matches and tournaments. And don't worry about a season's consistency, as each season will span multiple weeks with one final-ending tournament at the end where teams' qualification will depend on their previous matches and scores!

As for the teams, a system will be implemented for team creation where the players can choose their tag, logo banner, and their roster with which they'll flex their best Vandal skins on the enemy teams! There will also be a pick-and-ban map system like you would see on the Valorant esports scene. But this begs the question: when will we get to participate in this Premier mode in Valorant?

Valorant Premier Mode Release Date: Alpha Testing

We haven't gotten a conclusive release date, but there will be Alpha testing in Brazil as of the next week, which falls at the beginning of November. This is because Riot Games have announced that only 60% of the Valorant Premier mode is completed. This means that players in Brazil will get to first test this mode, how it functions, the Valorant maps ban system, and more before it enters any other region.

Valorant Premier Mode Map Ban Pick System
Ban the maps you dislike in the upcoming Valorant Premier mode! | © Riot Games

And that's everything we know so far about the Valorant Tournament Premier mode! Are you planning on competing with your friends and possibly becoming a pro esports player? Make sure you visit our Discord server and let us know what you think about competing in Valorant tournaments from the comfort of your home!