VCT 2023 Americas: All Franchised Teams & Their Rosters

Lost in all these team transfers? No worries, here you will find all the rosters that will compete for the NA region during VCT 2023!

Yay vct na
Here are all of the rosters for VCT 2023 Americas! | © Cloud9

It's going to be an exciting year for VCT NA. Despite players like TenZ who stayed in their OG organization, many players moved to a new organization because of franchising. Almost all rosters have changed, so the players who played hand in hand will now compete against each other. And if you are wondering how much it all changed, be sure to look into this article! We will provide you with a set of all rosters that will compete in the VCT 2023 circuit!

VCT 2023: All Franchised NA Teams & Their Rosters

Here are the organizations that are contracted to participate in the official competitive Valorant circuit for 2023:

VCT Americas Teams
© Riot Games
  • 100 Thieves
  • Cloud9
  • Evil Geniuses
  • KRÜ Esports
  • Leviatán
  • LOUD
  • MIBR
  • NRG
  • Sentinels

100 Thieves VCT 2023 Valorant Roster

Cryocells 100 thieves
Will Cryo take 100 Thieves to the next level? | © 100 Thieves
Real NameNicknameRoleVCT 2022 Team
Brenden McGrathstellarPlayer / IGLSoaR / 100 Thieves
Peter MazurykAsunaPlayer100 Thieves
Derrek HaDerrekPlayerRise / 100 Thieves
Matthew PanganibanCryocellsPlayer


Sean BezerrabangPlayerTSM / 100 Thieves
Michael HockomMikesHead Coach100 Thieves (Assistant Coach)
James MacaulayJamezIRLAssistant CoachCloud9

100 Thieves that we will see during the 2023 VCT is actually the roster we saw in the second half of 2022, that is, the one that qualified for the Valorant Champions through Last Chance Qualifiers. The only change is the replacement of "Will" with "Cryocells", who represented XSET in 2022 and is considered one of the better players in the NA region and maybe even the world. That said, this roster clearly looks promising, and we are looking forward to see this squad fighting against all these superteams.

Cloud9 VCT 2023 Valorant Roster

Cloud9 el diablo
yay's new home. | © Cloud9
Real NameNicknameRoleVCT 2022 Team
Anthony MalaspinavanityPlayer / IGLCloud9
Erick BachXeppaaPlayerCloud9
Nathan Orfleaf



Jordan MontemurroZellsisPlayerVersion1 / Sentinels
Jaccob WhiteakeryayPlayerOpTic Gaming
Mateja MijovicqpertPlayerPENTA / Sector One / The Guard (Assistant Coach) / Team Liquid (Analyst)
Matthew ElmoremCe


The Guard

Speaking of super teams... Well, at this point, any roster with yay would be considered as a super team, right? But actually, the mere joining of "El Diablo" puts a lot of pressure on the team, and who knows, maybe the same thing will happen as when he joined Team Envy – suddenly, the roster will become twice as successful.

In addition to yay, Zellsis, who has represented two major American organizations, has also joined the Cloud9 roster we already know from VCT 2022. The coaching staff has also changed, which is sure to be of no minor importance in the upcoming games.

Evil Geniuses VCT 2023 Valorant Roster

Ethan back evil geniuses
Ethan is back in the organization. | © Riot Games
Real NameNicknameRoleVCT 2022 Team
Kelden PupelloBoostioPlayerEvil Geniuses
Jeffrey LuReformedPlayerEvil Geniuses
Alexander MorjawgemoPlayerEvil Geniuses
Corbin Lee


PlayerAkrew / Evil Geniuses
Vincent LeApotheonPlayerRenegades
Ethan ArnoldEthanPlayer100 Thieves / NRG

Brendan Jensen

Max MazanovDemon1PlayerSqn_2.0
Kyle JensenScrewFacePlayerDarkZero Esports
Christine ChipotterHead CoachEvil Geniuses
Jimmy Lin


Assistant CoachEvil Geniuses
Tony Gray


Assistant Coach


You look at Evil Geniuses' roster and think, "woah, that's a lot of people, no?". Well, yes, and actually, we don't know what to think about it and what lineup we will see in the upcoming games. So far, Evil Geniuses have not been the strongest team out there and actually have yet to have a single big win. The players who made it to this team for the VCT 2023 season also don't seem to make it clear that Evil Geniuses are the clear underdog regarding VCT Americas.

FURIA Esports VCT 2023 Valorant Roster

Khalil furia
Wondering what zombs thinks about this roster now. | © Riot Games
Real NameNicknameRoleVCT 2022 Team
Gabriel Limaqck


FURIA Esports
Khalil SchmidtKhalilPlayerFURIA Esports
Matheus AraújomazinPlayerFURIA Esports
Douglas Silva


PlayerGamelanders Blue / FURIA Esports
Leonardo SerratimwzeraPlayerKeyd Stars
Vitor Hugokon4nSubstitute PlayerTBK Esports
Carlos MohnCarlãoCoachFURIA Esports

FURIA would be another underdog for VCT Americas. Although this team is quite good in South America, it has never proven itself on the international scene, and now not much has really changed there. At the time of writing this article (early Ferbuary 2023), despite two short-lived performances at the Champions events, FURIA has not yet taken an international match win. Another issue for this roster is that it is made of four players who are focused on a Duelist role, which could cause additional issues.

KRÜ Esports VCT 2023 Valorant Roster

Klaus kru esports
Where will Klaus lead his team? | © Riot Games
Real NameNicknameRoleVCT 2022 Team
Nicolas FerrariKlausPlayer / IGLKRÜ Esports
Juan Pablo LopezNagZPlayerKRÜ Esports
Carlos GalvãoaxeddyPlayerODDIK
Marco AmaroMelserPlayerLeviatán
Santiago Galvis RuizDaveeysPlayerE-Xolos LAZER
Alexandre ZizixandPlayerNinjas in Pyjamas
Leandro LisetLeazoHead Coach9z Team
Alan SalvatiddxStrategic CoachKRÜ Esports

KRÜ Esports is actually a pretty consistent organization, as they have qualified for pretty much every single international event in the history of Valorant Championship Tour. However, this roster significantly changed and is really lacking players who were genuinely shining in it. However, it already proved its power by finishing top 4 during Red Bull Home Ground 3, which they did in a pretty lovely fashion. So, all in all, maybe it will actually be a golden era for KRÜ Esports? I guess we'll see.

Leviatán VCT 2023 Valorant Roster

Kingg valorant leviatan
Now, this is a mix. | © Riot Games
Real NameNicknameRoleVCT 2022 Team
Agustin IbarranozwerrPlayer / IGLFURIA Esports
Vicente CompagnonTacolillaPlayerLeviatán
Francisco AravenakiNggPlayerLeviatán
Fabian Usnayo


Roberto RivasMazinoPlayerKRÜ Esports
Angelo MorikeznitPlayerKRÜ Esports
Rodrigo DalmagroOnurHead CoachLeviatán
Martin BourreBeTonyAssistant CoachKRÜ Esports

Well, that's right, KRÜ Esports was one of the most consistent teams on the Valorant eSports scene, but so it turns out that Leviatán took two of their players and their coach. From what we know, the South American Valorant scene is curious about this roster, as it has some considerable potential to become a so-called dark horse of the VCT 2023 circuit.

All these players know how to use their Vandal, and have proven it for three years now. We are pretty curious about it, but it's really a type of team that can really both lose and win every match.

LOUD VCT 2023 Valorant Roster

Saadhak vct
Your current VCT Champions. | © Riot Games
Real NameNicknameRoleVCT 2022 Team
Matias DelipetrosaadhakPlayer / IGLLOUD
Erick SantosaspasPlayerLOUD
Cauan PereiracauanzinPlayerNinjas in Pyjamas
Arthur VieiratuyzPlayerTBK Esports
Felipe Basso




Daniel MontanerfRoD

Head Coach

Jordan NunesstkAssistant CoachMIBR

And now, we have the VCT Champions winners in a slightly changed version. Well, maybe "slightly" is an understatement, as we have two new players and an entirely new coaching staff. But rest assured; we also have saadhak with his extraordinary IGL skills, aspas with his Raze entry frags, and so on.

There is also more young blood in the roster, with two 19-year-old players joining the team. The LOUD organization has taken on new importance after VCT 2022, and although it doesn't look the same, you can be sure that the fans will impose pressure and expect this roster to prove themselves.

MIBR VCT 2023 Valorant Roster

Loud coach
Will he coach MIBR as good as he did LOUD? | © Riot Games
Real NameNicknameRoleVCT 2022 Team
João PedrojzzPlayerMIBR
Olavo MarceloheatPlayerKeyd Stars
Murillo TuchtenhagenmurizzzPlayerKeyd Stars
Matheus RodigoliRgLMPlayerKeyd Stars
André SaidelTxoziNPlayerRise Gaming
Leandro GomesfrzPlayerSharks Esports / MIBR
Matheus TarasconibzKaCoachLOUD

Moving on, a team that many consider to be the least promising in VCT Americas. And sure, many of you probably never heard of this roster, and they are clearly an underdog. However, they do have a fantastic coach, and it is Matheus "bzKa" Tarasconi, who previously coached LOUD, our current Valorant world champions. So, having a coach with that kind of experience is something that should not be neglected.

NRG VCT 2023 Valorant Roster

Fns nrg
As OpTic as it gets. | © Riot Games
Real NameNicknameRoleVCT 2022 Team
Pujan MehtaFNSPlayer / IGL

OpTic Gaming

Austin Roberts

crashiesPlayerOpTic Gaming
Victor WongVictorPlayerOpTic Gaming
Ardis SvarenieksardiisPlayerFunPlus Phoenix
Sam Ohs0mPlayerNRG

Zander Kim


Chet SinghChet

Head Coach

OpTic Gaming
Benjamin BravotrainerAssistant CoachSoaR (Head Coach) / OpTic Gaming (Analyst)

Alright, NRG was pretty quiet in Valorant Championship Tour as an organization - their best placings were 4th at the VCT Stage 2 challengers NA, and 5th-6th at VCT NA Last Chance. However, that's surely about to change. Three players from OpTic Gaming, which was the highest earning team in VCT 2022 with their coach, along with three young talents are about to dominate both regional and international tournaments. With the acquisition of the OpTic Gaming core roster, we honestly don't believe that there's anything that can stop them – this roster screams "solid".

Sentinels VCT 2023 Valorant Roster

Sick sentinels vct 2023
"wHeRe sHrOuD" | © Riot Games
Real NameNicknameRoleVCT 2022 Team
Rory JacksondephhPlayer / IGLXSET
Tyson NgoTenZPlayerSentinels
Hunter MimsSicKPlayerSentinels
Gustavo Rossi


Bryan LunapANcadaPlayerLOUD
Zachary PatronezekkenPlayerXSET
Don MuirSyykoNTHead CoachXSET
Adam KaplankaplanStrategic CoachGhost Gaming

And lastly, we have a roster that screams "super team". Sentinels have also had a pretty disappointing VCT 2022 season, and obviously, VCT fans have been expecting the absolute best from this team after their flawless major wins in VCT 2021. This is kind of a crème de la crème of the North American scene,just imagine it with yay... maybe some day.

However, for now we have a core of Sentinels, big portion of XSET's 2022 roster, and two players from the world champion roster. Doesn't sound too bad either, huh?

Which roster do you think has the most potential for the VCT 2023 season? Join our Discord server and let us know your predictions! And if you feel a bit lost with all the Valorant Championship Tour changes and don't understand where all these transfers are coming from, be sure to check out our video, where we explain it all in just 3 minutes:

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