WoW Shadowlands Afterlives: Revendreth Revealed!

WoW Shadowlands
We get the last episode of Afterlives

The last episode of Afterlives for World of Warcraft Shadowlands is out! The riveting series outlines the expansion’s upcoming storyline and sets the tone for Shadowlands’ lore. The latest episode, Revendreth, is now live.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands releases October 27 and will hopefully revive the MMO that is waning in popularity. The Hype for Shadowlands is real and the community is ready for something new. The Afterlives series has already introduced the other factions, check them out below.

  • Bastion
    Featured famous hero Uther as he takes revenge on a familiar infamous Warcraft villain. Vengeance is best served cold!
  • Maldraxxus
    According to the Necrolords, only the one who was a great warrior in life and won countless battles is allowed to join their ranks.
  • Ardenweald
    The druids of Ardenweald care for the resting souls in Shadowlands but when the grove is dying sacrifices need to be made.

Blizzard has just released the last Covenant in the series, Revendreth. This time we learn of the noble acts of the vampire aristocracy that punish the evil souls that enter the Shadowlands.

The Revendreth look like a bunch of sinister capitalists, so it’s no wonder the first raid of Shadowlands has us taking down the snooty vampires. With that, all Covenants have been revealed in the Afterlives series! So now the only thing left is choosing your Covenant, the heroic Bastion, the barbaric Maldraxxus, the druidic Ardenweald or the elitist Revendreth.


Shadowlands' story looks so good and we can’t wait to choose our faction and play in this next expansion. EarlyGame will keep you up to date on all WoW news!