Xbox Game Pass With One of the Best Games of the Year

Xbox game pass
One of the best games of the year is now available in the Xbox Game Pass. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Oh yes, the Xbox Game Pass is already something fine. Over 100 games for about €13 per month - your next highlight is guaranteed. How about Crusader Kings III - one of the best and highest-rated games of the year?

If you're using the Xbox, chances are you already have a subscription for the Xbox Game Pass. In case you don't we're about to give you a good reason. The fixed-price Xbox Game Pass represents the true next-gen from Microsoft. It's a good thing that from now on one of the best games of the year is part of the offer, right?

Crusader Kings III in Xbox Game Pass

We are talking about Crusader Kings III, the successor of (surprise!) Crusader Kings II, a strategy role-playing game released in 2012 and still considered one of the best games of its genre (if not the best). Well, and if you believe the first tests, part 3 seamlessly continues the success of its predecessor.

Currently, Crusader Kings III, which was released on September 1, ranks with a score of 9.1 on the review platform Metacritic, marking one of the best games of the year 2020. IGN awarded full points in the test, 94 points were given by PCGamer and the general media speaks of a successor that makes part 2 look old.

Good news for Xbox Game Pass members, because just in time for the release Crusader Kings III is part of the game flat rate. For only €1 you can test the Game Pass for three months, the regular PC version of service costs $3.99 per month. Alternatively, you can get the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for console(s) AND PC for about €13 per month.

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