Xbox Series S: Cheaper Next-Gen Console Revealed (UPDATED)

Xbox series s
Should we expect a cheaper Xbox Series S? (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft's latest announcements are fully focused on the next-generation console Xbox Series X, which will be released at the end of the year. It appears the Redmond company is bringing a second version to the launch, whose existence is almost confirmed thanks to new leaks: the Xbox Series S.

At the end of the year, Microsoft's Xbox Series X with Sony's PlayStation 5 will compete for dominance among the next-gen consoles. But the US megacorporation seems to be working on a second console: the cheaper Xbox Series S.

Update: September 08 - Xbox Series S Confirmed!

Microsoft has just confirmed the Xbox Series S on Twitter. No news on the hardware, though but we know the pricing: Xbox Series S will cost $299 and mark the cheapest entry to the next console generation. Microsoft will share more details in the next few days.

Xbox Series S Leak: As Good As Confirmed

The rumors of a cheaper and not quite as powerful next-generation console called Xbox Series S have been persisting for months. However, there has not yet been an official statement from Microsoft. Well, not much has changed in that respect. A new leak has now all but confirmed the existence of the "smaller" series console.

At the end of July, the picture of a white Xbox Series X controller made the rounds, after Microsoft had only announced a black model of the wireless gamepad. More pictures have now appeared on Twitter, which for the first time also show the packaging of the gamepad.

The compatibility list not only mentions the Xbox Series X, but also the Series S, which in all likelihood will also appear in white to stand out from its more powerful brother.

There is no official stance on the leak, but industry insider and Venture Beat editor Jeff Grubb confirmed the announcement. According to Grubb, the new console will be unveiled in two to three weeks.

With the Xbox Series S and X, Microsoft seems to follow the trend of the current console generation: the Xbox One S, as a smaller model, should improve sales figures, while the Xbox One X appeals to hardware enthusiasts.

It is conceivable that Microsoft is offering the Series S at a competitive price to compete with the PS5. Technically, the smaller next-generation console should be between the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. By the way, the cover picture is a mockup from Redditor jiveduder.

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