BOCW Season 6: Gluboko Map Guide

Gluboko is the most traditional CoD map to join Black Ops Cold War's arsenal in Season 6. Here is our BOCW Guboko Map Guide.

The fact of the matter is that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is, as we speak, suffering the final fits of it inevitable death. As death-throws go, Season 6 is pretty impressive. It's kind of like if your grandma managed to stumble her way up Everest mere weeks before her passing: it's impressive, but it also begs the question "where was this energy before"? Well, Gluboko is one of Season 6's three fantastic maps, and this is our BOCW Gluboko Map Guide.

With BOCW rounding its final bend later this week, Gluboko is probably the most traditional CoD offering of Season 6. That's not a bad thing, because Gluboko is something that most BOCW maps previously have not been: new. It's an actually new map, designed for Black Ops Cold War, and not ripped from the hearts of other – less terrible – Call of Duty games. We're going to take you through the new map in this BOCW Gluboko Map Guide, what to expect, how you should play it, and why it's something to be excited about.

Are you hyped for BOCW Season 6? Are you excited to play the new Gluboko Map in Black Ops Cold War? What other maps should you try out? Here are a few of our map guides to help you get started!


BOCW Gluboko Map Guide: The Map

The Gluboko BOCW Map will take place in an underground vault beneath the KGB headquarters. It will feature both Gunfight and Face Off Playlists, "including Face Off 6v6". That's pretty exciting stuff, with the map being a tight and fast-paced affair, filled with offices, desks, and corridors. As Activision put it:

The Lubyanka Building’s underbelly can be home to extremely fast-paced engagements, as fights will spill out around and on top of the main briefing table.
Gluboko Map
Gluboko is small... very small. | © Activision

BOCW Gluboko Map Guide: Gameplay Overview & Tactics

Gluboko is a very small, tight and symmetrical map. All battles take place in an extremely tight space, which inevitably means that fast weapons like shotguns and SMGs will dominate. We also recommend taking a few grenades with you – after all, there isn't really much room to dodge a grenade. All in all, Gluboko is a very fast-paced map where you'll always have to be on your guard, but it's also perfectly balanced thanks to its symmetrical layout, making it perfect for gunfight tournaments.

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