BOCW Season 6: Deprogram Map Guide

It's time to dive into the most creative map to come to Black Ops Cold War – Deprogram. Here is our Deprogram Map Guide for BOCW Season 6.
bocw season 6 deprogram
Let's take a look at Deprogram, BOCW's most interesting Season 6 map. | © Activision

Black Ops Cold War is introducing three new multiplayer maps in Season 6, each with supremely different characteristics. We could say, perhaps, that this is the strongest Multiplayer season to come to BOCW, and a suitable send-off for a game that was a disappointment to many. We're impressed by the multiplayer map line-up, so it's time to introduce you to our BOCW Deprogram Map Guide.

What's going on with in the new Deprogram Map? What should you expect, how should you play it, and what is its bizarre concept? Deprogram is possibly one of the most creative and interesting Call of Duty maps in years.

Are you hyped for BOCW Season 6? Are you excited to play the new Deprogram Map in Black Ops Cold War? What other maps should you try out? Here are a few of our map guides to help you get started!


BOCW Deprogram Map Guide: The Map

Deprogram is set, of all places, inside Adler's broken mind, as you fight through Red Doors in a fragmented collection of Adler's memories. It's an insanely novel idea, with what looks like some pretty wild concepts for a multiplayer map. Honestly, it seems like something we'd usually be more used to seeing in Zombies, but in this case it looks unbelievably intense, and unbelievably fun. Throughout Deprogram, players will use Red Doors to quickly traverse the map. This will, according to Activision, do the following: "lead to power positions over objectives or be used for four-dimensional plays that can help you outsmart opponents."

We don't have a map to show you yet, of course, as the map is not out yet. Once it's released, we will pop the map below, and give you some tips. Which red doors should you use? How should you position yourself? Stick to this page for all of that information. In the meantime, check out the trailer below, we have timestamped it to when Deprogram is shown.

Please keep in mind, of course, that as of writing, BOCW Deprogram is yet to be released. We will update this article once Black Ops Cold War Season 6 goes live on October 7, and we have been able to check out the map.

BOCW Deprogram Map Guide: Gameplay Overview & Tactics

Deprogram looks to be a very fractured map, made up of different components of other maps, as well as the red doors which allow you to jump between areas instantly. From what was shown in the Season 6 trailer, we can say that Deprogram will be a very fast-paced map, and highly chaotic. We would recommend, at least from the start, to make sure you have a few grenades on you and are making use of the ARC-XD support weapon. Stay on your toes, and keep checking back here for more detailed information on how best to take on the new Deprogram Map once it is officially out.

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