The Best Warzone AUG (BOCW) Loadout | The Tactician's Choice

The AUG might not be the demon it was, but it's still one of the best burst rifles in Warzone. Here's the best attachment setup and loadout for the AUG.

Bets Warzone Aug Setup
What a beautiful rifle. | © Activision Blizzard

The BOCW Tactical Rifles are a neglected class of weapons in Warzone. They're all either semi-automatic or burst fire, and as a rule, they aren't popular. But If you're looking for the perfect sweet spot between ARs and Snipers, then maybe you want to take a closer look at Tactical Rifles. And one of the best Tactical Rifles in the game is the AUG.

The AUG is characterized by its very high damage and great range, but poor mobility. Rather than fight that, lean into it. As we'll show you in this setup guide, we can make this the perfect counter-sniping weapon.

The Best AUG Attachment Setup

Still a good choice. | © Activision
MuzzleAgency Silencer
Barrel17" Titanium
LaserAxial Arms 3x
UnderbarrelField Agent Foregrip
Magazine45 Rnd Drum

This is the kind of attachment setup you would expect on a long-range AR. And that's because we aren't going to try and make this more mobile or capable in CQC. We'll take Overkill and a MAC-10 for that. And with the AUG, we'll focus on range and recoil control. With these attachments, you should get a rifle that can confidently challenge any of the other long-range options out there.

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks For An AUG Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For The AUG

Mac 10 class
If you want to stick to the BOCW guns. | © Activision

As we mentioned, the AUG is too slow for close-quarters, so we're taking a MAC-10. Many of the BOCW submachine guns would work well in this role, but the MAC-10 is easily the most fun. Plus, its ludicrous rate of fire should make it one of the easiest SMGs for most users. If you want to use something more meta, then you probably should stick to Vanguard guns, but the Mac-10 definitely still is a viable option, when it comes to the BOCW SMGs in Warzone.

The Best Equipment For The AUG

LethalThrowing Knife

We just opted for the by far the best lethal equipment in the game: the throwing knife. It's just insanely versatile and saves us so much ammo and time. As for the tactical equipment of choice, we opted for stuns. You could also go with stims or snapshots, but we wanted to change it up a bit. The Mac-10 doesn't have the fastest TTK in the SMG class, so we can use the stuns to gain the upper hand in CQC.

The Best Perks For The AUG

Perk 1Cold-Blooded
Perk 2Overkill

Perk 3

Combat Scout

We've gone for the current Caldera perk meta here so that we can get the most out of the AUG. Combat Scout will tag enemies who we shoot, which is great for the whole team, and Cold-Bloded will prevent other players doing that to us. While, Overkill is of course a necessity in a loadout with 2 primary weapons.

And there you have it, gang, a complete overview of the AUG. If you find the burst fire just isn't doing it for you, consider one of the many great ARs right now instead.