The Best Warzone 2 Expedite 12 Loadout | A Solid Shotgun

Here we have the best Expedite 12 setup and loadout for Warzone 2.0 for you. Unfortunately, shotguns are pretty junk in Warzone 2.0, but the Expedite is the best of them.

Warzone 2.0: Our recommendation for the best Expedite 12 loadout. | © EarlyGame

One of the better shotguns in Warzone 2.0, the Expedite 12 really slaps in multiplayer. But on the large Al Mazrah map, shotguns are unfortunately quite useless, as they only work at extremely short distances and even then often require several hits to down. So we advise you to only take a shotgun as a third weapon in a medium / large backpack, if at all.

If you decide to use a shotgun, the Expedite is still one of the better options. The damage is quite high and even allows you to one-shot n2-plate enemies at short range, and it can also be made quite mobile. Here we show you the best setup.

Warzone 2.0: Expedite 12 Setup

The best Expedite 12 setup. | © EarlyGame / Activision


MuzzleBryson ChokeBryson 890 to Level 15Tighter Pellet Spread (+0.10 in) / Damage Range (+0.15 in)


VLK LZR 7MWSTB 556 to Level 5Default

Resonance Stock Collapsed

Expedite 12 to Level 10



Expedite L-Bolt

Expedite 12 to Level 2


Rear GripSchlager Void GripExpedite 12 to Level 17Aim Down Sight Speed (-0.40 oz) / Sprint to Fire Speed (-0.10 in)

In our setup, we use the muzzle to create a little less dispersion so that we can hit with as many pellets as possible and more accurately. But with all other attachments we go for handling speed and mobility. The bolt lets us fire in quick succession, and the stock, grip, and laser increase ADS speed and mobility in general. Since we can't do anything with the shotgun at a distance anyway, we completely do without range or recoil control.

When it comes to tuning, we can only improve two attachments anyway, and so we give ourselves a slight mobility boost and a reduction in pellet spread.

Warzone 2.0 Expedite 12 Loadout: Secondary Weapon, Perks & Equipment

Secondary Weapon: Chimera

Chimera Attachments
This is the best Chimera loadout in Warzone 2. | ©Activision/EarlyGame

With the Expedite 12, we're going to need a good all-rounder weapon for medium to long distances. In addition to the Kastov-74u, the Chimera is particularly suitable for this. The weapon works at almost all distances and comes with an integrated silencer. So as long as we add a 45-round magazine, we're well-equipped with the Chimera.

Perks (Basic, Bonus & Ultimate)

Again our standard choice:

Perk PackageSpecter
Basic Perks

Double Time / Tracker

Bonus PerkSpotter
Ultimate Perk


The Specter Pack is currently the best Perk Package in Warzone 2.0. Ghost is simply indispensable, with so many players running Birds Eye and popping UAVs. Plus, Double Time and Trackers are helpful in many situations - but nobody really needs Spotter.

Unfortunately, we have to give up Overkill in favor of Ghost, but we can simply buy the second weapon in the loadout at a buy station.

Equipment (Lethal & Tactical)

Our favorite combo:



Flash Grenade

There just isn't a better combo than Semtex and Flashbangs right now. Stims and Throwing Knives might be a better choice for extremely aggressive players, but for everyone else, this is the best combo.

That's about it for the Expedite 12. If you're looking for something a little more reliable, try one of the best battle rifles in Warzone 2.0.

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