Footballers Coming To MW2 & Warzone: Messi, Neymar & More!

A new leak claims that some of the world's most famous footballers will appear in MW2 and Warzone 2 as either operators or individual skins. So which footballers have Activision picked? And can we believe this leaker?

Footballers Coming To MW2
A World Cup event perhaps? | © Activision / Messi via Twitter

Only a few hours ago we heard about Nicki Minaj's partnership with Call of Duty. And earlier this year we got Snoop Dogg as an operator in Warzone. Indeed, celebrity appearances in Call of Duty are nothing new, and they're here to stay. But this latest leak seems pretty ambitious; it sounds like they want to introduce some of the biggest names in football to the franchise. Let's take a look at the leaked list of players.

Leaked List Of Football Players Coming To MW2 & Warzone 2

A new leak from TheGhostOfHope claims that professional football players will be coming to Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 as Operators and skins. Given the release date of MW2 we're assuming that this will be tied to a World Cup event.

Here is the complete list of leaked operators:

Wow, some pretty massive names there.

But can we trust the TheGhostOfHope? Well, we do have evidence to verify some of their previous claims, but they don't have a 100% track-record. For instance, after leaks emerged claiming that Advanced Warfare 2 would be the next Sledgehammer CoD, TheGhostofHope jumped on the bandwagon to claim that they had heard the same thing. However, CharlieIntel replied saying that it doesn't seem to be correct, and CharlieIntel would usually be able to corroborate something like that. So we can't put a seal of approval on everything TheGhostOfHope says, but it could be true. Activision are certainly aware of just how much money these skins would make.

What do you think about footballers in MW2 & Warzone? Would you buy a Messi bundle, or are you saving your money for Cardi B? We're just hoping they make some CoD-pros into skins one day...

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