Cardi B Partnering With Modern Warfare II

Apparently, Cardi B has partnered with Activision to advertise the up-and-coming Modern Warfare II.

Cardi B Modern Warfare II
Nice Ghost pendant... | © Call of Duty via Twitter

Modern Warfare II is just around the corner, and we are all looking forward to the Open Beta. Almost every day, we get new leaks and information about the upcoming CoD. We already know almost all the perks, killstreaks, game modes and even have info about the Ranked Mode.

However, there has hardly been any official news since the announcement trailer. However, Activision seems to have started the advertising campaign.

Cardi B Advertising MWII

Now, Activision seems to be going on the offensive again with their Modern Warfare II marketing campaign. In her latest music video, rapper Cardi B wears a Ghost pendant studded with diamonds. Here's the official tweet:

Activision including famous public figures in their CoD advertising campaigns is nothing new. Some time ago, there was a Call of Duty event for Modern Warfare II to which NFL players were invited to and some of them got fancy MWII pins for this occasion.

Don't get too hyped up though, we probably won't get a Cardi B skin in Call of Duty anytime soon. I mean, it's not impossible, Snoop Dogg is available in Warzone after all, but Cardi B wearing a MWII pendant in one of her music videos is more of a PR stunt and has nothing to do with in game cosmetics.

If you are interested in how those pendants were made, the Call of Duty Twitter account has posted a making-of:

What do you think about the MWII collab with Cardi B? Would you like to have a Cardi B skin in Warzone 2? We keep you up to date about all Modern Warfare II news.