How to Fix Error Code Savannah in Warzone

We've prepared a quick rundown to help you fix Warzone Error Code SAVANNAH. Here's how to fix the SAVANNAH Error Code in Warzone...

So, you've fired up Call of Duty: Warzone and you're just waiting to join your mates when up pops: "Unable to join the game session, the host cannot be joined or gameplay is paused. Status: SAVANNAH". This is infuriating, and only too common, but fear not: the Warzone Error Code SAVANNAH Fix is actually quite simple.

The thing about all of these kinds of Error Codes, though, is that proper solutions are often few and far between. It is rare that we have a solution so utterly successful as the one we are presenting you here. Before we go any further, though, make sure that you've updated Warzone to the latest version. This might instantly fix Warzone Error Code SAVANNAH.

Error Code SAVANNAH Solution

In the following, we will briefly explain how you can fix the SAVANNAH error on console and PC. Remember to have made sure beforehand that Warzone has been fully updated to the latest version. If it hasn't been, then this solution may not work, as the game may automatically download the update when you boot the game again. Alternatively, the game may become confused, and the problem will then be exacerbated.

Make sure that you have all updates installed on your system

Both your console and the game should be up-to-date. As simple as it may sound, this is often the solution to all problems. As we have said multiple times now, this is crucial. On console, the following solution isn't possible, so your best bet is to force the update or reinstall the game.

Uninstall or delete the reserve data on PC

Locate the Modern Warfare 'Main' folder (probably in C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty Modern Warfare) and delete the following files...

Error Code Savannah Fix
Delete the above files only. | © Reddit

The above files were identified by Reddit user u/callzn, and it seems to work pretty reliably.

Scan and Repair Warzone

In the application, you can scan and repair Warzone. Launch the application afterwards and you should have solved Warzone Error Code Savannah.

So! Did this fix the problem for you? Or are you still struggling with Warzone Error Code SAVANNAH? How is your stomach, are you hungry? Hungry for more Warzone? Hungry for more Call of Duty? Well, Vanguard is out, so you can check that out, and the new Caldera Map has finally come around the bend! Chill, enjoy, eat a pizza.