How To Fix Dev Error Dover - Beale

A lot of players have been having problems with this bug recently, but luckily the solution is simple. Here's how to fix dev error Dover - Beale.

Dev Error Dover Beale
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Season 2 brought a lot into Vanguard and Warzone. We got 4-man bomber planes, Nebula V gas, Ranked Play, and so much more. But we also got a lot of bugs. As per usual.

One of the most common bugs we've been seeing since Season 2 launched is Dover - Beale. Now, luckily this isn't a difficult or complex bug, and we should be able to resolve it for you in only a couple of steps. Let's get to it!

What Is Dev Error Dover - Beale?

Dev error "Dover - Beale" occurs when there's a failure to verify your account with the Activision servers. This is caused by a failure to correctly update the game or a simple connection timeout. So in our solution to the error, we will first check that the game is properly updated, before trying to reconnect again.

How Do You Fix Dev Error Dover - Beale?

To fix error code Dover - Beale you should first check that you have the latest version of the game installed, and if so then a simple power cycle should resolve the issue. Here's how to check whether you have the latest version of the game installed.

Updating On Xbox & PlayStation

  1. From the dashboard, press start while either Warzone or Vanguard are highlighted.
  2. Select "Check for Update" from the list of options.
PS5 Check Update
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Updating On PC

  • Choose either Vanguard or Warzone from the launcher.
  • Click on the settings cog next to the play/update button.
  • Select "Check for Updates" from the list of options.
Update Battle Net is quite intuitive so this should be easy for any user to find. | © Activision Blizzard

If you have checked for updates, and definitely have the latest version of the game installed, then it's time for a power cycle. This is the more technical term for turning it off and on again. So basically, just restart your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, and if you have the latest version of the game installed then the issue should be resolved.

Phew, that was fairly easy, wasn't it? It's annoying to have to deal with so many of these bugs and crashes, but a great many of them can be resolved this simply. Hopefully, Warzone 2 will be far more stable when it launches with Modern Warfare 2.

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