Modern Warfare 2 Player Has "Perfect" K/D After Days Of Playtime

Reddit-user Pilgore1 recently shared their combat record with the world, and after almost 3 days of playtime, they still haven't made a kill. At this point, it's impressive that they haven't even accidentally killed someone...

MW2 Players Has 22 Perfect22 KD
This is what an average match looks like for the worst MW2 player in the world. | © Activision

We're always obsessed with the "best". Who is the best Call of Duty player of all time? What are the best weapons in Modern Warfare II? What's the best map in the game? But let's put all those questions aside for a moment, and turn our attention to the worst players, weapons and maps.

The worst weapon is probably one of the shotguns, and the worst map is obvious, but we didn't know who the worst player in MWII was until now. Allow us to introduce the most ridiculously low-scoring player in the game: Pilgore1.

"Pacifism Is A Legit Strategy" Claims Lowest K/D Player In MWII

The worst player in MWII, Pilgore1, recently shared their stats with Reddit, and they're still averaging a 0 k/d after 72-hours of playtime. As you can see, they've been able to maintain a respectable win/loss ratio despite refusing to make kills:

Pacifism is a legitimate strategy. from ModernWarfareII

Pilgore1's technique is to use a riot shield in Hardpoint and basically just play the point, while occasionally targeting UAVs and counter-UAVs. And as ridiculous as spending this much time on a joke is, it's actually becoming impressive that they haven't accidentally killed another player by now.

That was just a short, fun piece of news for you on MWII. But if you're inspired to get back into MW or Warzone again, check out everything coming in Season 2 on February 15:

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