New Vanguard Zombies Maps Season 5 | The Archon

After a pitiful start, CoD: Vanguard Zombies began to improve thanks to new seasonal content. Here are the latest Zombies maps, and a look towards the one's planned for future release.

The Archon Zombies map
Another round-based map for Vanguard. | © Treyarch

Call of Duty Vanguard had a less than perfect launch in the Zombies department. But with each new season of Vanguard, we get a new Zombies map, and they're improving every time. In this article, we'll give you a quick rundown of the new map, and then take a look at what's planned for the next map they're going to release.

New Vanguard Zombie Maps: The Archon

After Shi No Numa, we will get the next round-based zombies map for Vanguard in Season 5: The Archon. According to the developers, The Archon will bring the Vanguard Zombies story to a conclusion. We will return to Egypt and in the end face Kortifex himself in the Dark Aether. In any case, we are already very excited and have already seen a first image:

The Archon Zombies map
Looks amazing. | © Activision

What Are The Next Maps Coming To Vanguard?

Since Vanguard Season 5 will be the last season before the release of Modern Warfare II, we don't expect more zombies maps after The Archon. However, it could well be that the Zombies mode will receive further small updates, as is the case in Black Ops Cold War to date.

How Do Vanguard Zombie Maps Work?

There are two types of maps in Vanguard Zombies, the original large hub maps and the newer round-based maps.

The hub maps effectively serve as home bases where you start a match and upgrade your weapons and abilities. From here, for each wave, you travel through one of several portals to another, smaller map to complete one of several objectives. You then travel back to home base. So there is one big hub map, which is connected via portals to several smaller maps, which often consist of sections of already known older or multiplayer maps.

However, since many fans wanted the typical round-based zombies maps again, Treyarch finally reintroduced one in Vanguard Season 4 with Shi No Numa. In the round-based maps, players are put on a map that is unlocked little by little through unlocking doors. Of course, there are the good old wall-buys again and everything that fans have been used to in Zombies.

Does Vanguard Zombies Have A Ray Gun?

Terra Maledicta, the Season 2 Zombies map, brought the Ray Gun back into Zombies. This has been the ultimate Zombies killing weapon since the mode launched all those years ago in CoD: World at War. Fun fact, the original zombie mode was a secret add-on that you could begin playing after watching through the credits at the end of the campaign. It's pretty insane to think of how big a factor in the game it's become.

Unfortunately, we won't be getting a Zombie mode in 2022 with the release of Modern Warfare 2 because it's an Infinity Ward game. Apparently, we're getting a mode similar to Escape From Tarkov instead…