Leaker Claims Personal Redeploy Drones Are Coming To Warzone 2

A Warzone 2 leaker is claiming that Personal Redeploy Drones are coming to Warzone 2. These will supposedly work just like the old Personal Redeploy Balloons, but at the top of the zip there's a drone rather than an air balloon.

Redeploy Drone
Redeploy Drones should make rotating far easier on Al Mazrah. | © Activision

Look at the image above, do you see the drone just to the left of "Warzone"? It's identical to the recon and bomb drones in Warzone 2, but there's a rope between the ground and the drone.

When this promo image for Season 2 was released, a lot of fans also noticed the drone and thought it meant we were getting Redeploys back. That was just curious speculation, but now a leaker is claiming it's absolutely true, we're getting Personal Redeploy Drones in Warzone Season 2. Will changes like this and the new Ashika Island map be able to save CoD's BR?

Personal Redeploy Drones Are Coming In Season 2

According to CoD-leaker "TheGhostOfHope", redeploy balloons will be returning to Warzone 2, although instead of a balloon, a drone will be holding the zip up. There will be stationary redeploy points on the map, as well as portable versions we can take in our inventory and deploy where we want:

“Redeploy Balloons” from Warzone 1 will be returning in Warzone 2 reskinned/renamed as “Redeploy Drones”. Portable and stationary versions will both exist.

If you didn't play Warzone 1, and you're unfamiliar with Redeploy Balloons, just imagine a normal zip like the ones that let you get to the top of tall buildings, but instead of a tall building at the top you just fly off. When you fly off you'll be able to dive to wherever you want, just like you can at the beginning of the match when jumping from the plane.

These redeploy points allow players to rotate around the map more easily, and that's probably a good thing for Warzone 2 in its current state. Because of the increased damage we take from the gas now, as well as how much movement has been nerfed, the location of the next circle has become very impactful for a team's success. But the location of the next circle is decided by RNG. So, by lowering the impact of this unpredictable factor, the skill gap in the game should theoretically increase.

We're happy about this development, but what about you? Do you want Personal Redeploy Drones in Warzone 2?

If you're interested in the other changes coming in Season 2, here are a few of the highlights:

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