The Best Warzone Sten Loadout | The Perfect Run-and-Gun SMG

The Sten might be weak in a lot of situations, but it can be a fantastic weapon for fast players. Here's the best Sten loadout in Warzone. Enjoy!

Warzone Loadout for the Sten. | © EarlyGame

The Sten does not have high damage, nor does it have good range, or even an impressive magazine size. So why pick it? Well, if you're a slower player that likes to L-Trigger and pixel peak, you shouldn't. But if you're a fast, aggressive player, and you like to get up close and finesse the other team, then the Sten could be your new favorite weapon. Because built the right way, the Sten has the most impressive mobility and hip-fire stats in the game. But we'll get into all that – here is the best Sten loadout in Warzone, including attachments, perks, and equipment.

The Best Sten Attachment Setup

Sten Setup
The Sten is still pretty good. | © Activision/EarlyGame
MuzzleRecoil Booster
BarrelSA 65mm Rapid
OpticSA 32S
StockGawain Custom
UnderbarrelMark VI Skeletal
Magazine9mm 50 Round Drums
Rear GripTaped Grip
Perk 1Steady
Perk 2Quick

The goal of this build is to be as mobile and strong in close combat as possible. With the attachments selected, the Sten works very well with hip fire, so ADS-ing is not mandatory. So we're going to adjust our playstyle. With this weapon, we never want to stop and ADS, we want to fire from the hip and stay mobile; constantly tac-sprinting, slide-cancelling, and breaking cameras in close-range combat. The key is to overwhelm them with SMG pressure – don't allow them to back up and ADS. Because we're mainly looking for good hip-fire accuracy and movement speed, we can afford to take nerfs to our aim-down-sight and sprint-to-fire time. The Sten can specialize into this hip-fire role better than any other SMG in the game. You might be tempted to change the optic for the Slate Reflector, but this might encourage you to hip-fire less, and that's a bad habit with this kind of build.

Equipment & Perks For A Sten Warzone Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For The Sten

STG44 Setup
Still a viable AR. | © Activision/EarlyGame

The Sten is only good for close-range engagements. It's really no better than a pistol out past 20 m, so we need a main AR. And rather than pick a BOCW or MW assault rifle, we'll take the STG so that you can use this loadout in both normal BR and Vanguard Royale. Plus, the STG is very competitive, even in the standard BR.

We have a full guide to the best STG loadout right here, but the above attachments are pretty much perfect for a low-recoil, long-range build. You might be tempted by Vital, but it doesn't actually lower your effective TTK, so don't waste a slot on it. And rather than the 3-6x you could go for a shorter-range optic like the G16, but we find the SVT-40 to be the cleanest for Vanguard weapons.

The Best Equipment For The Sten



Thermite is probably the strongest Lethal that you can use in all modes. It has a similar advantage to the Semtex in that you can use it against infantry and vehicles alike, but the throwing arc takes a bit of getting used to. And in the Tactical slot we've taken flash grenades, as they're probably your best option for the super-aggressive pushes that this Sten was designed for.

The Best Perks For The Sten

Perk 1E.O.D.
Perk 2Overkill
Perk 3Tracker

Finally, we're shaking the Perk meta up with Tracker. Overkill and E.O.D. are the two generic picks that don't need much explaining (Overkill is required to carry two primary weapons, and E.O.D. is a good static defense buff). But Tracker might seem a little rogue. This perk will couple fantastically well with the Sten, though, because it gives us an advantage in close-range indoor combat. In all the confusion of those kinds of gunfights, having Tracker on will help you to finesse multiple enemies by knowing which directions they've taken moment to moment.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was your complete guide to the Sten in Warzone. It's not an easy weapon, but it's fun, and for the fast, aggressive players, it can be very effective. If you want an SMG that has at least some capability at range and a more intimidating TTK, however, then consider the Welgun.

The Sten is good, but was never as broken as these guns: