When Is Verdansk Returning To The Warzone Map Rotation?

Fans have begun asking whether we can get Verdansk back into the map rotation for Season 5. There's actually a good possibility it's going to happen, and here's why.

Best Areas Verdansk
How I miss the six-houses drops. | © Activision

On December 8, 2021, Verdansk was removed from Warzone, and replaced with Caldera. Players weren't too disappointed at first, and many actively celebrated Caldera; we had been playing the same map for almost two years.

But then the playerbase grew nostalgic. Caldera had its issues to be sure, but more than anything, players simply missed the landscapes of Verdansk. This is where we first learned to play Warzone, it was the site of so many glorious moments, and it made covid more bearable for millions. Why did it have to be taken so cruelly from us?

Naturally, players have been asking the devs to put it back. And in Season 5, they just might...

Fans Plead For The Return Of Verdansk

After the relative disappointment of Warzone this year, fans have begun pleading for Verdansk to be added back into the game. Hence, tweets like these are going so many likes:

But will it ever happen. Well, we're beginning to think it might (and we aren't talking about Warzone Mobile).

Fortune's Keep was a new map recently added to the game, but rather than replace an old one, it just sits alongside Caldera and Rebirth. This was a hugely popular move, and Fortune's Keep will now be remembered as one of the most positive things to happen to Warzone in 2022. So if they're willing to allow Rebirth to stay after implementing Fortune's Keep, surely they might reconsider removing Verdansk.

Even if they don't bring Verdansk back in Warzone or Warzone: Mobile, there's a small chance they bring it back in Warzone 2. Imagine taking a Farmland fight with these new engine features...

How Has Activision Responded To This Community-Request?

So far Raven haven't responded to this recent request from the community, but they have spoken about adding Verdansk back into the rotation previously. At that time they claimed that they would love to, but that it simply wasn't feasible given how much space Warzone maps take up on a player's harddrive:

Of course, if Warzone had less detailed graphics like Fortnite or Apex then it could have multiple big maps in rotation, but sadly it isn't the case. And it will probably never adopt this art style, because that's completely off-brand for Call of Duty.

So, sorry guys, but Verdansk would only ever replace Caldera, they would never co-exist. Still, if you're bored with Caldera, the South American Warzone map will be out in less than four months now!