Warzone: Rebirth Of The Dead – This Is How The New Mode Works

Rebirth of the Dead is bringing back the zombies to Warzone. Everyone who missed the legendary Halloween event back in 2020 will have a chance to experience the zombies this time around.

Rebirth of the Dead
Rebirth of the Dead is bringing zombies to Warzone. | © Activision

Season 4: Reloaded is not only giving us a new gun and operator, but will also mark the return of zombies in Warzone. This mode is basically a copy of the fan favorite Haunting of Verdansk mode, which also featured zombies. That was probably one of, if not the best mode in Warzone history, and we're glad that it is making a comeback.

This time around, you won't be able to play this mode on the large scale battle royal map. As the name suggests, it will be available on Rebirth Island, which will make this mode a hell of a lot more chaotic and fast-paced.

When Is Rebirth Of The Dead Playable?

Rebirth of the Dead is going live with the Warzone Season 4: Reloaded update on the 27th of July 2022. The mode will feature its own playlist, but we don't know, how long it will be available.

How Does Rebirth Of The Dead Work?

To keep it short. Ten squads will land on the night version of Rebirth Island, and once an operator is killed, he will respawn as a zombie. As a zombie, you have to collect syringes, in order to respawn back as a player. Last team standing, wins the match.

This is how you find syringes:

  • In boxes or at buy stations (single syringe)
  • When an operator is killed (two syringes)
  • When you kill an operator with a finishing move (four syringes)

Obviously, zombies don't have access to normal weapons, but they are equipped with a unique set of skills. As a zombie, you'll be able to boost jump around, which lets you close massive distances. Aside from the jump, you're also equipped with an EMP blast and a gas grenade. This will prove effective at close ranges.

To make life easier, zombies are also immune to gas damage, so can outmaneuver your opponents more effectively.

Those are all the features that were also in the Haunting of Verdansk event, so what exactly is new about this mode?

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New mechanics in Rebirth of the Dead

Infestation Event

Something that is new in this event is the infestation bar. The more zombies are killed by the operators, the more this bar fills up. Once the infestation bar is filled, the event starts. Then, all spectators will respawn back into the game, but as zombies. This event is supposed to prolong games, and will give the dead players more chances at a win.

Medical Supplies Event

During this event, supply drops land around the map that contain syringes and other high tier loot items. Zombies themselves can't open these crates, they have to rely on their teammates for that.

And that's all there is to the Rebirth of the Dead event. Grab your friends, and go mow down some zombies.