New Pay2Win Roze Skin 3.0 In Warzone

With season 4, there is a new skin coming to Vanguard and Warzone, and people are already concerned that the new 'Night Terror' skin, might become the next Roze skin 3.0 in Warzone.

Tron Warzone Night Terror
Looks like something out of Tron. | © Activision/Walt Disney Productions

Call of Duty has made some very funky skins over the past two years. Everything from insane weapon blueprints, to ludicrous Operator skins and insane calling cards, seem to be the new normal in CoD. Luckily, they are just cosmetics and don't have an impact on actual gameplay, but some skins have caused some problems in Warzone over the past two years.

Warzone is a free game, so being able to pay for an advantage does make a lot of people unhappy, and it seems like this might be the case, with the new 'Night Terror' skin that will be hitting Vanguard in season 4. This skin is already being dubbed the new Roze 3.0 skin.

What Is The Roze Skin?

Roze is an Operator that was introduced into Warzone during the MW 2019 times. She was the subject of a lot of controversy when she came out, especially the Rook version of her skin. This is what the skin looks like:

Roze Rook
The most hated skin ever in Warzone. | © Activision

Mind you, this skin was nerfed several times and is standing in great lighting conditions in the picture - and yes, this skin was really nerfed, shows how annoying it actually was. Imagine this skin in a barely lit hallway and a couple of shades darker. Yeah, you get the problem. It was near impossible to see a player using the Roze skin when he was crammed into a dark corner.

This skin was dubbed a pay2win skin, as it wasn't accessible to everyone. Now, a new bundle is emerging, and the discussions about pay2win skins are starting to roll again. Let's have a closer look at the skin in question.

This Is How You Get The Night Terror Skin

The new Pro Pack Violet Stealth will be available some time in season 4. It will be available for 20 bucks, and apart from the Night Terror skin, you'll also be getting 2 weapon blueprints, a watch, a crosshair and 2400 CoD points.

A picture of the skin can be found at the top, and just like the Roze skin, it's also covered in a completely black suit. Although this skin does have some purple features running along it, it's understandable why people are calling her Roze 3.0.

This skin does have some Tron vibes going for it, and we can only hope that the devs learned their lesson with the Roze skin.

Tron Warzone Night Terror
Kinda looks dope tho. | © Activision/ Walt Disney Productions

Hopefully, the devs took some inspiration from Tron, and made the purple stripes highlight in the dark. This would basically solve all problems concerning visibility. But for now, we just have to wait and see until this skin hits Warzone. What do you think, and will you be getting this bundle?