Warzone 2 Players Are Complaining About Buy Stations

Call of Duty players love to complain and their latest complaint is that Warzone 2's BR map Al Mazrah has too few buy stations compared to Warzone 1's Caldera.

Warzone Buy Station
Players want more buy stations in Warzone 2's Al Mazrah. | © Activision

Warzone 2 is getting a lot of hate lately. People complain about missing content, missing features that should have been introduced months ago, and obviously bugs and crashes. Some of the hate is comprehensible, some of it is just the CoD community being itself (the most toxic community after Rihanna's). So what are CoD players calling for now?

Warzone 2 Needs More Buy Stations

Exactly, the newest complaint by Call of Duty players is that Warzone 2's Battle Royale map Al Mazrah doesn't have enough buy stations. Buy stations in Warzone allow players to buy Killstreaks, Armor Plates and other useful things, most importantly Loadouts. So getting enough cash and finding a buy station can actually make a big difference. This was the case back in Warzone 1 and still is in Warzone 2.

One guy on Reddit now compared the two BR maps Caldera from Warzone 1 and Al Mazrah from Warzone 2 and found a huge difference in the availability of buy stations.

Comparing Al Mazrah to Caldera: Amount of Buy Stations
by u/dinzyy in CODWarzone

According to his research, there are 63 buy stations on Caldera, compared to only 30 on Al Mazrah. If we now take into account that Al Mazrah is actually bigger than Caldera, and we also have portable buy stations in Warzone 1 as well, this is a huuuuge difference. Basically in Warzone 1 each POI on the map had at least 2-3 buy stations, so it was never hard to find one and players could always stock up on Killstreaks or buy another loadout.

In Al Mazrah buy stations are pretty rare to come by, and it can be frustrating to actually get to one – especially when the circles close and there are even less buy stations available. However, since buy stations are still very valuable, this leads to a big problem, buy station campers.

Obviously, players know that Loadouts and Killstreaks are too important to miss out on, so whoever is first at one of the few buy stations can basically get some free kills by camping and waiting for other players. Someone in the comments even pointed out that people will become buy station campers by accident. Since there are so few buy stations, everyone is rushing to the same ones and the player or squad that arrives first can't really leave again without running into everyone else, thus becoming campers involuntarily.

What do you think? Should Activision add more buy stations to Al Mazrah or do you like the fact that they aren't as easy to reach anymore and thus feel more special.

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