Play Warzone With Random Loadouts | Time To Prove Yourself!

Are you tired of chasing the meta? If you want to prove your skill, or you're looking for a nice challenge, you should play with Random Warzone Loadouts. Here's how to do it.

Warzone random loadouts
This would be a normal loadout, but it can get a lot crazier... | © Activision

Warzone is fun, but of course most players are always chasing the current meta. And sure, it makes sense that you always want to play the weapons that are currently the strongest. After all, every advantage, no matter how small, can mean the difference between life and death. But doesn't it get boring?

Let's be honest, if you're really good, you can handle any weapon in Warzone. Maybe not with the Oden, but even with the Striker 45 or the Dragunov bad players can still make kills. So why not look for a challenge?

Warzone Random Loadout Generator

Yes, you read that right, there is a Random Loadout Generator! And it does exactly what the name promises: one click, and you get various random loadouts with primary and secondary weapons and matching attachments suggested.

Tired of Grau or STG44 with meta setup? How about this crazy suggestion?

Random Loadout Warzone
That's a combo... | ©

The mix of the DMR Type 63 and the Shotgun Hauer 77 is quite daring, but the attachments are quite appropriate. Definitely a challenge, but not impossible.

And that is exactly what makes the Loadout Generator so interesting and unique. You get two random weapons, but the attachments are actually based on the meta, so the weapons are playable.

What Options Does The Loadout Generator Offer?

With each click, the Warzone Random Loadout Generator spits out three different loadouts: A normal loadout with primary and secondary weapons for Caldera, a Sniper & Sniper Support loadout, and a loadout specific to Rebirth Island.

As expected, the first option usually gives us a combo of an assault rifle or DMR with an SMG or shotgun. The second option combines a Sniper with SMG or Assault Rifle as Sniper Support. And the final loadout often consists of SMGs, shotguns, or shorter-range weapons.

Of course, the loadouts are not tied to these categories and even crazier combos can sometimes appear, but that's a rough idea of ​​the differences.

If you've gotten a bit bored in Warzone, and you're looking for a little variety or a fun challenge, the Random Loadout Generator is just the thing for you.