Warzone Fans Vote Against Grappling Hook Mechanic

A recent community poll asked Warzone players whether they would welcome a grappling hook in the game, and as cool as that sounds, most said no.

Grappling Hooks In Warzone
What the hell? | © Activision Blizzard

Warzone Season 3 is kicking off wonderfully. Finally, the Kar and the Swiss have been nerfed, and now the HDR rules supreme. The best parts of Caldera have received a rework. The new weapons are fun but not broken, and hell, we're even a fan of these wild new Godzilla skins. But what about new mechanics? Will the mid-season bring us something extra special? We've already received new perks in this way, but what about a grappling hook? It seems ludicrous, but after a lot of recent chatter on Twitter about the idea, a community poll was put together to ask fans whether they would welcome the change. Here's what the fans had to say about a grappling hook in Warzone...

Warzone Fans Don't Want A Grappling Hook

After 23,000 votes, 52% of the community voted against the addition of a grappling hook mechanic in Warzone. Check out the poll results from ModernWarzone yourself:

It's certainly an interesting thought experiment, but this should really come as no surprise. The Call of Duty community are likely to reject anything like this on one of two grounds. Firstly, it's just too futuristic for Call of Duty thematically; we've had jetpacks, most people don't want to go back. And secondly, the grappling hook would promote even faster and more dynamic movement, but if anything even the slide-cancelling is proving too much for a lot of fans. They want to keep boots on the ground so to speak.

But who knows, the devs and the community have rarely been in perfect agreement when it comes to what's best for the game. So only time will tell whether this mechanic makes it into Warzone 2.