Umbrella Academy Live In Warzone

An Umbrella Academy bundle just went live in Warzone and another one is supposed to release soon. Read this article to learn the contents and price of the Umbrella Academy: Cha-Cha bundle.

Umbrella Academy x Warzone
This cross over is going to be interesting. | © Activision & Netflix

Back when Season 4: Reloaded was released, some data miners already dove deep into the code of Warzone and found some very interesting things regarding Season 5. The leaks not only showed the new guns coming with the recently released Season 5, but also teased an Umbrella Academy crossover. Now, shortly after the release of Season 5, the Umbrella Academy: Cha-Cha bundle went live in the Warzone store.

Umbrella Academy In Warzone

As you can clearly see from the picture and title, we got an Umbrella Academy crossover. R3al1tuk leaked some file strings he found that state that we will be getting two Umbrella Academy bundles in Season 5. As of now, only one is live so far, but we will of course also talk about the second bundle which will probably release in the next few weeks.

Umbrella Academy: Cha Cha Bundle

Below you can see a screenshot of the Umbrella Acdemy: Cha-Cha bundle with all its contents. As usual, the bundle will cost you 2400 CP, which translates to roughly $20.

Warzone Umbrella Academy Bundle
The mask is kind of scary... | © Activision

The bundle contains the following:

Item Name
Item Type
Cha-ChaWade Operator Skin
BonesawVargo-S Blueprint
Costello'sWelgun Blueprint
Cut the CrapFinishing Move
Hold StillMVP Highlight
Sugary Support
Calling Card
Idiot Box
Total Hackjob
Mini Cadettes Cookies
Bone Shredder
Weapon Charm

Umbrella Academy: Hazel Bundle

The second Umbrella Academy bundle is supposed to be called Hazel Bundle, but it is not yet available in game. This is how it was described in the leaks:

"Ready to get infamous? Start some instant armageddon with the tracer pack: Umbrella Academy - Hazel Bundle"

  • Bundle features blueprints with psychotic pink-blue tracers and random Mayhem Dismemberment
  • Vanguard only item

The guns for this bundle, as well as the operator skin, weren't leaked yet, but we expect at least two blueprints and one operator skin, maybe even three blueprints. Charms, calling cards, sprays and a watch will probably also be featured in the upcoming Umbrella Academy bundle. The "Vanguard only items" description most likely only refers to the operator highlights and intros, since those are the only items that aren't available in Warzone.

This isn't going to be the first cross-over in Warzone, check out some of the others:

But that's not all. If you purchase both bundles before September 30th, you'll also receive some extra items in Season 5. Similar to the Godzilla x King Kong crossover or the two Terminator bundles, where you were also rewarded with some extra items if you purchased two bundles. This is what you'll be getting for buying both Umbrella Academy bundles:

  • Legendary KG M40 Blueprint
  • Legendary Weapon Charm
  • Legendary Calling Card

That's it. Have you even watched The Umbrella Academy and if so, are you hyped for the bundles in Warzone? Let us know and keep grinding. Here are the best weapons in Warzone right now.