Best Warzone Loadout For The Uzi | Finally Great

The Uzi is a gone that never quite lifted off. It had its phases during Verdansk, but was it ever really great? No. In Season 4: Reloaded, the gun finally got some buff, but will these be enough?

Warzone Loadout for the UZI. | © Activision/ EarlyGame

Sub Machine Gun Delta, or Uzi, is a Modern Warfare 2019 SMG that is one of the best guns in MW2019 multiplayer. Unfortunately, this gun was never very viable in Warzone. After the new mag and barrel came out, it was a solid sniper support SMG, because it had an insane range for an SMG and the recoil was very manageable, but its low fire rate, made the gun very unforgiving.

In Season 4: Reloaded, Raven decided to buff the extremities damage and the neck shot multiplier of the UZI, making the gun a lot more forgiving when it comes to shot location. Obviously, this won't propel this gun to the top of the meta, but when I played with the gun, it felt quite good.

Best Uzi Attachment Setup

Barrel and mag is key. | © Activision/ EarlyGame
BarrelFSS Carbine Pro
Laser5MW Laser
StockNo Stock
Magazine.41 AE 32 Round Mags
Rear GripStrippled Grip Tape

Two of these attachments are a must-have: the barrel and the mag. Both of those were added later into the game, and you had to unlock them by completing some challenges, which, quite frankly, were a real pain. If you haven't got those attachments, and you don't have MW 2019, sorry to disappoint you, but I really wouldn't bother with the Uzi. Aside from those two attachments, you can basically use whatever you want to. We opted for more mobility. Faster movement speed, sprint out time and ADS. All the things we love on an SMG.

Best Secondary Gun, Equipment And Perks For The Uzi

Best Secondary Weapon

Vargo S
Why not try the new gun? | © Activision/ EarlyGame

Since the Uzi excels at close range gun fights, we want to pair it with an AR. So, why not just use the new AR? After all the different AR nerfs, no one really knows what the long range meta is going to look like, and since this gun is super easy to unlock, we thought, what the hey, why not? The Vargo-S doesn't have the greatest TTK, but it does have super low recoil, which is the most important thing on a long range AR.

Best Equipment For The Uzi

LethalThrowing Knife

Do we really need to explain this? Summed up: throwing knife to finish downs and Stims for flexibility, either to push or run away.

Best Perks For The Uzi

Perk 1Serpentine

Perk 2

Perk 3Amped

Make use of Serpentine, before it gets nerfed. It just helps us stay alive, while running from cover to cover. Overkill, so we can use two primaries and lastly Amped, so we can swap our weapons more quickly, for all the Y-Y Marco sweats.

And that's it. This is our complete Uzi guide. Definitely give this gun a shot after the buff, it does feel nice, and it's nice to see some of the MW 2019 getting some love again. Even my beloved Amax got some buffs.

It certainly won't be making it's way on to this list...