Aquaman Not Fired: Jason Momoa Teases Future With DC

After losing Henry Cavill as Superman, we feared for other beloved actors. Now Jason Momoa teased about a future for him inside the DCU, even with the reboot.

Aquaman prime video
What is Jason Momoa's future in the DCU? | © WarnerBrothers

Uncertainty has plagued us DC fans ever since the firing of Henry Cavill as Superman and the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3. With the soft reboot of the movie universe, the future of many characters and their actors has been up in the air. One of those effected is Jason Momoa, our beloved Aquaman.

On Instagram the actor now shared some very vague news with his fans concerning his future in the DC Universe:

DC's Future Plans For Jason Momoa

So listening to him, you can hear his excitement, but what this means is very unclear. Taking into account the removal of Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot from their Justice League characters, will Jason Momoa stay as Aquaman? Currently, I see two paths DC Studios could take.

The first option is, that Aquaman will be allowed to keep his current actor. At the moment, the signs point to the Flash movie as the reset button for DC, and it's going to release before Aquaman 2. This could lead to the movie already happening in the new timeline, even though that's unlikely.

Against this speaks Gunn's comments concerning Superman. From what he said on Twitter, they want to explore a younger age for that character, which translates to a general regression in age for all the Justice League members. To keep Jason Momoa wouldn't really fit in that case.

Another possibility could be that the actor gets a different role inside the DCU. As a fan favorite it's only smart to keep Jason Momoa, even if not in his most famous role. Most likely as a new character for him is the alien bounty hunter Lobo. Bearing a striking resemblance to him, many of us would gladly see the switch in roles and Gunn already kind of teased Lobo's introduction, so...

For now, we have to wait. DC Studios will soon announce more about their new plans for movies and until then let's wait patiently.

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