Wait, Who is Chris Hemsworth in Mad Max: Furiosa?

Chris Hemsworth, the actor behind characters like Thor and Eric the Huntsman, is taking on a very different role on the new Mad Max film...

Chris hemsworth mad max furiosa
What kind of character will Chris Hemsworth be in Mad Max: Furiosa? | © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (left) & Marvel Entertainment (right)

It's old news that good ol' Aussie legend Chris Hemsworth is going to be in Mad Max: Furiosa. What is new news, though, is the character he's actually going to play. After all, this handsome man is best known for his role in the Marvel films. Up until Thor: Ragnarok, you could have even said that his Thor movies were duller than dishwater. Now, though? Well, he's already tried his hand at comedy in Ragnarok, and now he's goin' for something totally different...

In reality, Hemsworth is best known for two things: being Thor, and being a dashing and unbelievably good looking Australian dude. Kind-of like me, minus the Thor. Or the acting chops. Anyway, Chris Hemsworth is going to feature in the brand-new Mad Max Furiosa, the long awaited follow-up to 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road, a film that actually featured a similarly-sexy Englishman, Tom Hardy. If we're going to get into more details, though, Furiosa is actually going to be a prequel to Fury Road. Anyway, what on earth am I going on about?

Chris Hemsworth Is Playing A Very Different Character In Mad Max: Furiosa

Chris Hemsworth will actually be playing the main villain in Mad Max: Furiosa, according to a recently-released book. This nerdy-ass bollocks revealed that Hemsworth, who we remind you again, has generally always played the hero, will actually be evil in this upcoming Mad Max Prequel. In the book, Assistant Director for Fury Road, P.G. Voeten said the following:

George [Miller, Mad Max's franchise creator,] saw Chris initially as a courtesy and then fell in love with the idea... He's going to play totally against type, the lead baddie. Unfortunately, we've got to find all of our other characters that aren't around anymore: a new Immortan, a new Bullet Farmer, and a few others.

So it looks like Chris Hemsworth is going to finally play against his usual character. No longer will we be the dashing hero warrior that he usually plays. Instead, we expect that we'll be enjoying a nuanced performance as the lead villain in Mad Max's next installment. Well... maybe not too "nuanced"... this is Mad Max that we're talking about, after all!

It'll be interesting to return to the world of Chris Hemsworth as a major character. It seems like we haven't really seen him recently, well, except for that time he had a cameo in Loki! Oh, and that weird Fortnite Crossover he did. Let's just forget about that, though, everyone is in Fortnite at this point and – to be brutally honest – it really doesn't get much more cringe than a Fortnite crossover!

What's The Deal With Mad Max: Furiosa, Though?

Well, Mad Max: Furiosa is a prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road and is set to release on May 24, 2024. So, in other words, it's going to be a good long while until we see the film release, and our boy Chris Hemsworth feature as a villain. The movie has been mired in problem due to the Covid pandemic and the fact that Australia, the film's primary set location, closed their borders from early 2020 until late 2021. Anyway, it's going to be great, and we can't wait to dive back into this world and staggering nine-years after Tom Hardy's excellent 2015 entry...