Will Deadpool Be The New Thanos?

Marvel had a lot of big and impactful movies like Civil War, Infinity War, or Thor Ragnarok. Movies that changed the Marvel landscape forever! So, what if I tell you, Deadpool 3 will be just like one of those movies?

Deadpool will touch your heart, even if he has to rip it out to do so | © 20th Century Fox

The San Diego Comic Con 2022 had a lot of important news for the Marvel Universe going forward. We received info about new Avengers movies, a Black Panther sequel and more. One thing we didn't get, was a release date for the new Deadpool movie.

The only thing we got was a statement by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige that the third Deadpool movie will be a big one, comparable to Civil War, Infinity War, or Thor Ragnarok. Comparable to Infinity War? What the hell are they planning?

Deadpool Will Reshape The Marvel Cinematic Universe

All these three movies had a lasting impact on the Marvel Universe going forward. I mean, Thor Ragnarok had all of Asgard destroyed, and Infinity War featured half of the Marvel cast getting killed with the snap of a finger!

So having a Deadpool movie promised with that kinda impact begs the question of what the plot will be.

One thing I guess we can expect is a massive crossover movie. Marvel has a track record of doing so in third entries to a trilogy. So in this movie, we should finally see Deadpool's introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But rest assured, the writers of the movie want Deadpool 3 to keep its R-rating. This means, they could create a fun conflict between Deadpool and the rest of the MCU, as he keeps piling up dead bodies. It also opens up the possibility to bring one of Deadpool's most infamous comics onto the screen.

What I am talking about is "Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe". This is one of my favorite storylines in Marvel Comics, as it is just plainly absurd.

In the Comics, Deadpool is committed into an Asylum by the X-Men, to heal him from his insanity. His insanity is very much downplayed in the movies, but I think the premise would still work. The problem is that Psycho-Man, his doctor, is not actually trying to heal him from his insanity, but instead trying to brainwash him into doing his bidding. His plan backfires because by tinkering with Deadpool's brain, he brings out a voice, encouraging him to kill everyone!

Spoiler Alert!!

From there on, the story follows Deadpool as he kills character after character, even those who are way stronger than him, like the Hulk, or even Thanos. He does so by outmaneuvering and tricking his opponents, using every possible tool he can.

In the end, he even travels to the Nexus of All Realities, where he intends to kill the writers of the comics themselves! I mean, what the heck? This is just insane! In the movies, he was always a bit meta, addressing the audience. In the comics, he goes and even kills the writers of his story! I absolutely love the insanity of the whole thing. Before killing the writers, he even stops and addresses the readers as well, telling them, "I'll find you soon enough."

Man, I can't wait for them to actually adapt this storyline. And I think Ryan Reynolds would be pumped to play in the movie(s) about this as well! They already have the necessary setup to implement him, knowing about being a movie character and all. So what are they waiting for? The best thing is, they could let him make references to the comic as well.

The premise of a fictional character knowing he is a fictional character just opens up endless possibilities for funny interactions. I really hope they make the best of it, and maybe even bring the story of "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe" to the big screen. They can even rectify it all after the movie, by simply ending the movie with him just reading the comic book or something.

If they don't do that, I would be content with them just having a crossover with Deadpool and the X-Men or something. Would be way less awesome, though.