Disney Secretly Changes Ms. Marvel Season Finale

Disney secretly changes the season finale of Ms. Marvel on Disney+. Almost no one noticed, but the fans of the MCU are attentive viewers. We'll show you what it's all about.

Ms Marvel Disney Plus
Disney changes season finale of Ms. Marvel | ©Disney

By now, even hardcore fans of the Marvel Universe might find it more complicated to understand the chronologically correct order of all series and movies. For everyone else, it's simply impossible to keep track. That's why this mistake from the Ms. Marvel series finale would have probably gone largely unnoticed. However, Disney noticed it themselves and fixed it.

Ms. Marvel Changed After Small Mistake Was Spotted

Besides the lack of success in gaming, there are still a ton of Marvel movies and series coming out all the time. Last year, Ms. Marvel joined the universe. In the MCU, Ms. Marvel plays Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Thus, the Statue of Liberty seen in the series would have to look exactly like it does in Spider-Man.

But at the beginning of the series, the producers made a small mistake in this regard. At the beginning you could see the original, which is actually wrong, because according to Spider-Man she should be bronze colored. Here you can see the small detail again:

Accordingly, two scenes were changed in the finale of Ms. Marvel. This year, Disney will again have the chance to present Ms. Marvel to fans without fail, as the events of the series will be continued in the cinema with The Marvels, being released on July 26, 2023.

You won't have to wait quite as long for Hogwarts Legacy.

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