EA Makes Joke About Single Player Games – And Gets Roasted

We know the social media game on Twitter. Sometimes different patterns of jokes are going viral and everybody likes to get their share of likes by recreating them. Well... EA's tweet backfired.

EA Tweet
Boiiii EA... | © Know your meme / Twitter

The whole story started with this joke pattern: she/he is a 10 but... and then the punchline. He's a 10 but he plays video games all day and never comes out of his room. Describes all of us, no?

EA wanted to jump on the train and tweeted a similar joke. But while they... tried their best, they really should have thought this through before hitting send.

"They're a 10 but the only like playing single-player games. That's it. That's the tweet. And it backfired hugely. Many users made fun of them not being capable of creating a nice storyline and creative worlds that you like spending hours of your time in.

Even the head of EA's Respawn Entertainment Vince Zampella had his doubts about the... idea behind the tweet.

Many negative responses, tweets, and jokes about EA later, they decided to try to turn this thing around and acknowledged their loss. As you can imagine, the Twitter users just escalated more and continued to post roasts and memes.