Eragon TV Show Coming Soon

Eragon is one of the most beloved teen novels from the early 2000s. While older generations grew up with Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings, 90s kids read Eragon and now we might be getting a show on Disney plus very soon.

Eragon Dragon
Hopefully the show will live up to the books. | © 20th Century Fox/

Eragon is a beloved high-fantasy novel by Christopher Paolini and it's making a comeback to the silver screen in a live-action television series according to Variety. First Lord of the Rings, now Eragon, what other book or anime will be getting a live-action television series in the coming months?

This won't be the first time Eragon is going to be adapted to the big screen. Back in 2006 the first book was adapted into a film, but it didn't woo the crowds like the books had, making the whole endeavour flop horribly. Hopefully this television series fares better, since the source material is pretty gosh-darn good.

What Will the Eragon Show Be About?

The show is going to follow the first book of the Inheritance Cycle, which is the four-book series written by Paolini in the early 2000s. According to Variety, Paolini will also serve as co-writer on the series, so hopefully this means it'll stay true to the original source material.

The story will follow the young farm-boy Eragon who finds a dragon egg. It's a very common trope in high fantasy, but the books are executed well-enough that they still seem relevant today. Honestly, this whole story would fit wonderfully into a television series.

Will Any of the Original Actors Play A Role in Eragon?

In 2006, when Eragon tried its hand at the big screen for the first time Ed Speleers took on the role of Eragon, Rachel Weisz of Saphira, Jeremy Irons played the wise Brom, while John Malkovich played Galbatorix. Whether these actors will reprise their roles is still unknown, but we doubt it with how bad the movie did at the box office... it's also been over 10-years and Eragon is supposed to be a teenager so... you can make your own conclusion from that.

When Will The Series Make It To Disney+?

There is no official release for the series just yet. You will have to stay patient and wait a little longer, since it seems that the show is currently still in very early stages of production according to Variety. So, if you're desperate for some high-fantasy, just check out the upcoming Lord of the Rings series on Amazon Prime, or go for another Young Adult novel adaptation with the Percy Jackson series on Disney+.

We do think that the Eragon show could make it to Disney+ in 2023 though if everything goes according to plan, so don't worry you'll be riding dragons in no time.