FaZe Clan Finally Releases Statement After Getting Called Out

After a lot of “exposing” being done by OG Faze members, we finally have an official response.

Fa Ze Responds
After a lot of backlash, FaZe finally responds to critics | © FaZe; Teeqo; Rain

After repeatedly getting called out by their creators, the official FaZe Clan Twitter account posted a response, promising to work with the OG members to work this out.

Faze Clan Wants To Work With OG's To Return To It's Roots

FaZe Clan has been in a slump for a while now with layoffs, a drastically sinking stock value and unhappy long-time creators like Teeqo and Rain.

The once iconic “cool” gaming brand was revealed to be run by a bunch of old, out of touch investors and celebrities that don't know anything about what made the Clan so big in the first place.

This was also addressed in videos by some of their veteran members, like Teeqo and Rain, calling out the brand for not taking care of their creators and instead focusing on celebrity deals.

It seems like FaZe now want to work things out with the help of the exact OG's that called them out on their bullsh*t in the first place, saying:

“We know that for too long we haven’t been the FaZe we need to be, but we’re working hard towards fixing that. We hope to have all the OGs sit down together soon, and we don’t want to do that without everyone. We’ll do everything in our power to work this out & not let you down.”

MrBeast chimed in on this as well, saying that the OG's “should be the people in charge".

He also said that: “When I visited, not a single person I met had any idea how to make a good piece of content”.

Whether this "back to the roots” approach will save FaZe is up for debate. It's a good idea, but who knows whethertheir creators actually will get a say in things again...

If you want to dive into some Twitch and streaming drama, we got you covered on our YouTube channel as well:

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