Logan Paul's Doing NFT's Now. Lord Save Our Souls.

Logan Paul has decided to enter the NFT space. Yes, you heard that right, he is making and selling NFTs. Why are we not surprised?
Logan paul nft
Logan Paul is looking to improve upon those millions. His strategy? NFTs, of course. | © Logan Paul via Twitter / Creative Commons / EarlyGame

Logan Paul has decided that his millions are not quite enough, and thus, is turning to the tried-and-tested method of draining the world of all meaning: NFTs and cryptocurrency. Can you imagine how insufferable some of this content is going to be?

"Did you know that money is outdated? Have you thought about getting some crypto?" — Logan Paul.

"No, and please don't start talking to me about it." — Anyone with an annual salary below $1 Million USD.

We also need to share something a little embarrassing with you: we are actually not at all surprised. This kind of vapid consumerism is exactly what we expected from Logan Paul, even if our inner senses tingled with a thought that perhaps, just maybe, there was more depth here than your average coffee mug.

Well... at least you can print genuinely funny things on the side of a coffee mug, or perhaps an inspirational quote that isn't simply "just get off your ass and get a job, that will fix all of your problems."

So Logan Paul's 99 Originals NFT is the perfect opportunity for some of you to own a Polaroid of something from Paul's life. Why someone would want this is beyond anyone who can't afford to waste their time and money with such nonsense. Still good ol' Logan will likely rake in a couple more millions out of this endeavor. Maybe some cash to put towards that hand injury he sustained while drunk in Germany?

Again, we're not surprised. Who can be surprised by Logan Paul's antics anymore, especially when the bloke goes around claiming that the Japan Suicide Forest incident was the "best thing" that ever happened to him. Yikes... It's hard to wonder why we're not surprised that this guy is into NFTs.

So, What Do I Need to Know About Logan Paul's 99 Originals NFT?

Well, this shameless excuse to make money is a selection of 99 Polaroid images taken of Logan Paul's life, and is going on sale on Tuesday, April 19. So today. They are available now, if you want one. You will have to bid for them on the Originals website, though, so don't expect to pick one up for cheap.

Each 99 Originals NFT will be auctioned for a total of 24 hours, with a 15-minute bid-reset timer. You will have to pay in Ethereum, of course (because, you know, who needs real money?) and you can only place bids that are 10% higher than the last one. You know, to maximize the amount of money that Logan Paul makes out of each of them.

You can tell that we're not big fans, can't you?