Spider-Man Doesn't Have to be Straight

With the multiverse taking shape in the marvel universe, one Spider-Man is confirmed to be LGBTQ.

Spiderman thumbnail
LGBTQ Spider Man could become a reality. | © Marvel

How many different versions of Spider-Man exist by now? There is Peter Parker, Miles Morales and even Gwen Stacy... so of course, somewhere in the multiverse of Spider-people there has to be one that represents the LGBTQ+ community, right?

Well, that's what we are going to be getting in the Edge of The Spider-Verse series which is going to be available starting in September 2022. A brand-new Spider-Man joins the list and this one is more fabulous than any Spider-Man before him.

Introducing Web-Weaver

The upcoming Spider-Man is going to be a fashion designer at Van Dyne Industries. He's going to be fierce, that's for sure. Co-creator, Steve Fox, brought this character to life and has made sure that he will not just be some gay archetype character, but a unique and character in the comics.

The character, working in the fashion industry will show off his style and fearlessly femme identity and while that is going to be central to his character it won't be the whole story of the new superhero according to Fox.

Something I realized immediately when conceiving Web-Weaver is that he can’t – and shouldn’t – represent ALL gay men. No single character can't.

Fox has also explained that the character is not going to be representative of every gay man out there. That would even be impossible since each person is their own and has their own characteristics. Web-Weaver will be a unique gay character with whom some LGBTQ+ readers will be able to identify.

What Will Web-Weaver Look Like?

Web-Weaver is going to have his own style and differentiate himself from previous Spider-Men and their suits. His suit is going to have flared sleeves and yellow detailing and lashes on the spider lenses. Overall, he is going to look fierce and step outside the norm of what we know Spider-Man to look like.

When Will Web-Weaver Debut?

Web-Weaver is going to make his debut in September according to co-creator Steve Fox. He will feature in the Edge of The Spider-Verse comic series and will make his debut alongside three other Spider-Man characters. You'll be able to catch a glimpse of him in the fifth issue of the series.

More and more characters are being added into the comic book world to creature further inclusivity within the comic book community. Just last year, the newest Superman came out and this year, even more LGBTQ+ characters were added to both the Marvel and DC portfolio.