Netflix Is Planning To Drastically Limit Account-Leeching

Netflix is planning to combat account sharing more than ever in 2023. Now they have revealed how they plan to ensure, that people stop using Netflix accounts together.

Netflix leeches
No more leeches! | © Netflix

Netflix recently announced their plans, to further crack down on account sharing. What this means is that people won't be able to share accounts that easily anymore. So they're not only combating the leeches using one account for multiple people, but even shared accounts that are not living in the same house.

Guess you gotta pay a little extra now for Netflix originals:

It seems that Netflix is desperate if they're willing to piss off their user base like this. In 2023, they are planning to limit the sharing of Netflix accounts to households. Guess I got to either move back in with my parents, or get my own Netflix then...

Something for the spooky season:

How Account Sharing Is Gonna Work In 2023

Netflix actually tested their new concept for account sharing with stricter controls in Argentina and the Dominican Republic. They want to absolutely shut down account sharing outside of single households, sorry leeches.

Now I need my own account to enjoy this masterpiece...

Your only options going forward will be to either export your profile into your own account, which you would have to pay the full price for, or pay a little more, to get a "Sub-Account". So you pretty much keep your shared account, but have to pay more money. Thanks, Netflix, very cool! In the countries they tested this in the subaccount costed a few Dollars, but this might get more expensive when it actually releases.

It seems like Netflix is desperate to generate more revenue, but this might just backfire. People have been jumping ship even before Netflix pulled a stunt like this and now there are great alternatives like Disney+ and Amazon Prime. And if you're still doubting Amazon Prime, check out our review of The Rings of Power.

Netflix better be careful not to get too greedy.

On the other hand, if I don't have Netflix I can't get cursed by this movie: