NICKMERCS to Fight TimTheTatMan in UFC X Event

Titans of gaming, NICKMERCS and TimTheTatMan are due to beat the living crud out of each other in an upcoming UFC Event.

Nickmercs timthetatman fight ufc
Oh, the beef. | © NICKMERCS / TimTheTatMan / POW!

The beef is getting real. It's getting juicy. It's running down our cheeks, dribbling onto our shoulders and cascading down to the floor. The only thing to stop it is TimTheTatMan's lovely, luscious beard. I mean, NICKMERCS is a stud and all, but that facial hair is not going to stop those beef juices from making one hell of a mess. Someone get the mop!

In the same way that the Turkeys are sponsored, this beef event is certainly sponsored. By the UFC. It's a UFC event, you probably picked that up from the headline. These two beefy boys are going to go at it in the ring and there is going to be so much beef that the cows are going to quake with terror every time they hear the name NICKMERCS or TimTheTatMan uttered by their illustrious farmer.

In the end, though, this beef is going to come to UFC X International Fight Week, when the two of them are going to beef it out in the arena, throwing plenty of punches and [hopefully] smacking all that beef right out of each other's systems. It truly is going to be the manliest thing that you've ever seen in the history of seeing things.

NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman to Beef It Out in the UFC Arena

NICKMERCS has announced the showdown on Twitter (as always) revealing that the two will fight it out during UFC X International Fight Week on July 1, 2022. The event will take place in Las Vegas, as all beefy things do, at the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is in Nevada, for you dummies who don't know anything about America. Yes, I said Las Vegas way too many times in that paragraph, what are you gonna do about it?

Life’s a trip man

The team & I are beyond excited to work with the @UFC & take the MFAM Gauntlet to a whole new level. See y’all in Las Vegas baby!

Before I keep going, a note to the editor: please keep those emojis in, it's just too funny. Anyway, here's the Twitter thingo...

Look, it is not entirely true that this fight has been confirmed. The beef is real, though, and from both of their Tweets, it seems increasingly likely. I mean, for crying out loud, the trailer features the words "NICKMERCS takes on TimTheTatMan" so it is pretty much confirmed even if neither of them has literally said so. Anyway, goodbye, ladies and gentlemen, goodbye...